Types of Paintings That Are Loved By People and Artists All Over

The painting techniques and use of colors for the purpose of painting have been evolving continuously. The introduction of new technology and trends brings changes in painting techniques and introduces new ones very often. Commonly, all of us have heard about water color paintings, acrylic paintings, oil paintings, and a few more. There are several types of paintings that are loved by people and artists. Few of them are described below:

1. Oil Paintings: Due to its thick consistency and texture, oil paintings are loved by art lovers.

2. Acrylic Paintings: In comparison with oil paintings, acrylic paintings do not get ugly over time. You can often see paintings like Buddha paintings made up of acrylic paints.

3. Water Color Paintings: Artists can create a number of styles, textures, and portraits from water colors. Therefore, art lovers prefer water color paintings

4. Gouache Paintings: This type of paintings is similar to water color paintings but gives a matte finish after drying.

5. Pastel Color Paintings: The artists love pastel colors due to its consistency and textures. This type of painting is fragile and needs to be covered by a glass frame.

6. Encaustic Paintings: This painting technique was found in Egyptian era and was made from hot beeswax on a wooden piece. The artist uses sculpting tools to mould and shape hot wax.

Art lovers and enthusiasts often prefer paintings to decorate their living rooms, workplaces, corridors and other places. People who prefer paintings for designing interiors of their place like to add unique perspective and artistic thinking to their lives. If you need to buy paintings for your room, living room, office, or workplace, then you must be thinking to buy something that matches your taste and maintains the contrast of the place.

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