Types of Trucks Used in Logistics Service Company

They come in different sizes and shapes that can accommodate various types of load. Each of these trucks is built to be able to handle a specific kind of task. The trucks, according to their dimensions and shape allow for the transportation of goods more efficient. Many Logistics Service Provider require assistance to find the right truck for their goods. This article we’ll provide you with a list of the kinds of trucks exist and the types of cargo they can handle.

Refrigerated Truck

These trucks are equipped with refrigeration capabilities. Things that are prone to damage are transported using these trucks since they offer freezing services and everybody knows that cold stops items from becoming destroyed. Milk, eggs, edibles, medicines etc. are carried through them. Typically, the transportation process is over the course of a night.


What exactly is flatbed? Flatbed trucks come with an interior room for the driver, and the remainder of the truck is completely open. They are great to load pipes, wood plastic, concrete or other materials similar to that. They’re long and wide that makes it easy to load and unloading. The flatbed truck is able to transport up to 48,000 pounds, which it is able to comfortably carry.

Box truck

These are basic trucks, sometimes referred to as cube truck. They are compact in size and well-sealed. They are typically employed for furniture in homes as families move from one location to the next. They are typically in high demand because they have low licensing requirements and are easy to control and manage.

Liftgate Trucks

Liftgates is a general word that is that is used in American informal slang. The term is also used to describe a truck in British English the British lift tail is used to describe the same purpose. They have an installed rear end which collects the items from the ground and loads it onto the truck. This makes heavy lifting less difficult to a significant extent and provides more efficient service. Lifters for up-lifts can be mechanic, hydraulic, or depending on the type of truck and the technology.

Semi-trailer truck

Today, the semi-trailer kind of truck can also be popular. They are equipped with an open side roof or rear which allows for loading the cargo. The capacity is 24,000kg. They are ideal for things that are kept on the floor.

Jumbo trailer truck

They’re as stunning as the ones listed earlier. They have more capacity than semi-trailer trucks due to the fact that they have a smaller wheels’ diameter as well as a floor which can accommodate capacity. These trailers are great for accessories that are capacious as they are large and light. As with semi-trailers it is possible to load the truck from either the top or side or rear, whenever it is comfortable.

Thus, all of these were frequently used trucks in the field of logistics. You can easily comprehend the way they work and how they carry the ability and other features, and are able to easily choose which kind of product the client will accept. It is important to choose the kind of truck they want since they have various costs that affect shipping rates.

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