Types of Vape

There are three types of vape: liquid type, cartridge type, and disposable type. Be sure to understand the characteristics of each type and choose the type that best suits your needs. Here, we will introduce each type of vape.

Liquid type

Liquid type vape is a vape in which a flavored liquid of your choice is put into the body. Since there are so many types of liquid, the greatest appeal of the liquid type is that you can find your favorite flavor from a wide variety of lineups. Also, since there are many types of bodies, it is possible to enjoy the pleasure of customizing the body to your own taste. Although the main unit requires regular maintenance, if you take good care of it, you will be able to use it for a long time and become attached to it, which is an advantage because you can keep running costs low.

Cartridge type

This type of vape is used by attaching a cartridge to a dedicated body. The cartridges are disposable and must be replaced, but the battery can be used repeatedly. The advantage of this type of vape is that it requires less maintenance than the liquid type, with the exception of cartridge replacement. However, cartridges must be used exclusively for each body, and the fact that there are not many compatible products may be a little inconvenient. Even if you are using a main unit that can use multiple cartridges, you need to make sure that they are compatible when purchasing new cartridges.

Disposable type

The disposable vape is the easiest vape to use, simply dispose of the entire unit when you are finished. Since there is no need to replace cartridges or fill them with liquid, they are easy to use. Since there is no need to purchase a separate battery unit, it is easy to get started, and many people who are interested in vaping purchase them as a trial.

However, if used over a long period of time, they cost more than liquid or cartridge types. Another issue is that the entire battery built into the body is disposed of, making waste separation and disposal methods problematic. After using a disposable vape, be sure to dispose of it properly according to the trash separation rules set by each municipality. After using a disposable vape, be sure to dispose of it properly according to the trash separation rules established by each local government.

Points to consider when choosing a vape type

The appeal of a vape is that you can choose the product that best suits your preference, purpose of use, and desired price range. Here are some points to consider when choosing the type of vape. 1.

The amount of smoke when vaping

Vape is also loved by people who mainly want to enjoy smoke such as explosive smoke. Disposable and cartridge types produce less smoke than liquid types, so liquid types are recommended for those who prefer a larger amount of smoke.

In particular, with customizable vapes, which are assembled by parts, you can enjoy “smoke explosion” by increasing the output wattage. Smoke-producing vape is one of the unique ways to enjoy vaping, as it produces a large amount of smoke that cannot be produced by paper cigarettes. If you prefer more smoke, you should have at least 30W. However, 20-30W is quite low for wattage, and most models with adjustable output are around 75-100W.

The amount of smoke is also affected by the resistance of the coil as well as the wattage. For atomizers in a typical starter kit, the coil resistance is around 0.5ohm. However, if you want a smoke explosion, you need to use a coil with a resistance of around 0.2ohm.

Then, there are also vape types from some vape factory China that are equipped with “airflow,” which allows you to adjust the draw (strength of the smoke) to your preference. If the airflow widens the draw hole (hole), it becomes easier to smoke, and if it narrows the draw hole, it becomes harder to smoke. It is easy to understand if you imagine inhaling air through a thick straw and inhaling air through a thin straw. The method of adjusting airflow also depends on the way you smoke. For MTL (Mouth To Lung), the draw hole is widened, and for DL (Direct Lung), the draw hole is narrowed.

Ease of handling liquid

The best liquid-type vape is one in which the amount of liquid remaining can be easily seen at a glance. A vape with a wide inlet port makes it easy to inject the liquid without spilling it. In particular, top-fill type atomizers, in which the liquid is injected from the top of the atomizer, are the easiest to use. If you use a top-fill type atomizer that is refilled from the bottom of the atomizer, you will have to remove the atomizer.

Types of vape liquids (flavors)

One of the most attractive features of vape is the large selection of flavors. The ingredients used in the liquid are basically the same, and you can use any brand of liquid. In addition to being able to choose the flavor and aroma of your favorite liquid, you can also create your own original flavor by mixing it with another liquid. However, mixing beverage food juices and other liquids is not recommended. Some vape stores offer free trial vaping of liquids, so it is recommended to visit them and try different kinds.

Flavors range from fruit-based flavors such as apple, strawberry, lemon, and muscat to dessert flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and cream. In addition, some are beverage-based, such as coffee, cola, and Red Bull, while others are refreshing, such as menthol, mint, and herbal, and tobacco-based, such as cigarette and menthol tobacco.

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