Sardinia is actually a land that always has a good tradition of craftsmanship. The handicraft which can be created have already been tools of every day life and in some cases indicates of livelihood of your local economy but now are also preferred souvenirs for tourists, curious and lovers of beauty. Get far more details about ceramica sarda

There will be quite a few handicrafts of Sardinia to speak about, but surely some products are distinguished by reputation which include the renowned Mamoiada masks which are worn by Mamuthones through the Carnival representation of your city.

Masks are produced ??of pear wood painted in black color and shows really sharp facial characteristics.

But we ought to not neglect other common handicrafts of Sardinia like the Pattada knives. These knives are produced of horn of mouflon and will be the outcome of a tradition of craftsmanship as old as fine. Their production is also related deeply towards the tradition of shepherds on the island. Sardinia confirms its wealth of products and this connection we ought to mention the renowned baskets created ??of asphodel in Ollolai. In truth born in the art of weaving that dates back to ancient times and who handed down from mother to daughter from family to family.

Last but not least the realization of golden handicrafts especially in the area of Alghero exactly where the creation of artifacts is quite precious also linked towards the use of coral for the jewelry production of Sardinia.

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