U.S.bottled water as that meets all federal and provincial regulations for potable water, is sealed in a sanitary container, and is sold for human consumption

Bottled water is defined by the Bottled Water Association as water that meets all federal and provincial potable water criteria, is sealed in a sanitary container, and is sold for human use. Potable water is water that is fit for human consumption. However, the requirements for U.S.bottled waters differ from those for tap water. The quality of tap water adheres to the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Suggestions, although they are simply guidelines and are not legally binding. Bottled water is governed by the Food and Drugs Act of Canada and is legally binding. While the bottled water standards are legal, the tap water guidelines are more stringent and comprehensive than any bottled water regulations. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) controls the safety of bottled water and bases its regulations on EPA standards for tap water. If these guidelines are met, water is considered safe for most healthy people. The bottled water sector must also adhere to the FDA’s good manufacturing standards when processing and bottling drinking water.

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