Uber For Doctors- Help Doctors And Patients Find Each Other


With the technological progression, there is little to no need to wait for any service as they are made available on-demand. Similarly, patients are provided the ease of staying at home and booking doctor appointments through an app. Covid has put everyone in a situation where the question of going out has become hypothetical. The lockdown, the spread of virus, etc has created enough chaos. Besides, some people have to travel long distances to visit their doctor. In situations like this, launching apps like Uber for doctors comes to the rescue of several patients who can use the app for online consultations.

What is Uber for doctors app?

The uber for doctors app is an uber like app that helps in fast booking of doctor appointments and saves the time of patients. Patients can consult the doctor online and get their prescriptions. The app allows users to select and chat with preferred doctors beyond any border. The doctors are verified and also offer the option of home visits in case the patient cannot visit the doctor in the clinic or hospital.

Reasons to launch the Uber for doctors app

In the present day world, people constantly need medical attention due to their poor lifestyle choices, heredity and many reasons. Launching an app like Uber for doctors helps people solicit medical services any time on demand. Medical emergencies will also be taken care of. It offers a diverse number of people the ease of finding medical services when in need.

Features of uber for doctors app

Doctor’s profile
Appointment schedule
Payment Integration
Search by specialisation
Book and cancel appointments
Bill estimation
Dashboard for doctor
Profile setup
Earnings, referrals and friends invitations
Payment gateway
Feedbacks and ratings
Booking for a scheduled time
SMS authentication
Commission tracker

Final thoughts

Develop and launch the Uber for Doctors app and help patients and doctors connect beyond the regional barriers, and meet their medical requirements.

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