Car buyers don’t get deal of their choice very easily. They do lots of hard and smart work both for getting the car of their choice and meeting the budget range too. But once you are done with the car purchase process, it does not end here. In fact your journey of car ownership starts from here. In order to drive your dream wheels for years, you need to ascertain that you are taking good care of the things related to the ownership and driving of the car.

This includes both the good for your car and the DMV services. Taking up services at DMV like registration, car title and license plates are mandatory and they prevent any affairs related to law prohibition. Visiting the DMV office will enable you to legally hit the road. You can use this article to your advantage for gathering information for couple of things every new car owner should do.


You cannot drive legally unless your car is properly registered. For availing auto registration services you usually get the help from the dealer. They minimally provide you the temporary registration before you leave the dealership with your new possession. They will of course not do it free of cost but will charge a nominal fee with the name of documentation or doc fee as they spend the time on the paperwork.

The application process for registration is completed at the dealership itself but you get the plates later on at your mailing address. Sometimes you personally need to visit the DMV office for finalization of the process. In case of purchasing a used car from a private seller you will necessarily be required to visit the local office of DMV for transferring the title and registering the car. For registration you have to be ready with the identity proofs (carry multiple proofs and their copies including photo IDs), proof of insurance, emissions test and fees.


If your purchase is brand new, then it is even more critical to have insurance for your car. Most dealers will ask to show up the proof of insurance before allowing you to drive the car. It’s better if you talk to the insurer ahead of the time so that you remain saved from the shock of insurance price for your new ride. The main components to a car insurance policy include type of car you buy, its value and age, your driving record, distance to be covered and area you live in.

Though it is a person’s personal choice to opt from new and used car but smart car buyer should keep the maintenance and repair costs in mind.

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