Ultimate Guide to Selecting Pet Transport Service

Are you searching for professional and perfect animal shipping services? No need to search more; Airvets Pet Relocation offers the best animal shipping service on an international level. Read on our guide to find a perfect pet transport services.


Many persons considered their animals as their family members instead of pets. It is an essential condition that your choosing transports services have open communication lines with you during the moving process. The driver should be able to manage all types of pets when you are choosing ground transport services. Tell your transporter to provide all updates of your pets.

You can ask for providing video or images of your pet during the transportation process.

Pet Stretching

Ask time for the moving process and make sure that your transporter provides a break for stretching and bathroom. If the destination is short then no need to worry for anything but if the destination is long, a break for stretching and bathroom is essential.

If you are choosing dog shipping services, make sure they provide all services according to the category of your dog.

Food and Water

Choose a pet transporter who has a plan for providing food and water to your pet across the way. Water and food are the necessary needs of pets. You can provide a plan for the timing of water and food of your pet. These things will help you to stay happy and well during transportation for your pet.

Cage Requirements

If your pet feels more comfortable in its cage, ask for the cage system to your selected services. This will help your pet to stay happy and healthy. With this condition, they will handle your pet easily.

But if your pets can travel without cages, you can skip this step. Cleaning of the cage of your pet is the responsibility of your transportation services. Make sure they provide special care travel space for your pet. Your pets can create accidents and spills in cages.

Private or Shared Pet Transportation

Pet transport service also varies; you can choose private pet transports services or shared pet transportation services. Private pet transport services take extra charges for taking your pet separately from other pets. Shared pet transportation services take fewer charges from you to ride your pet with other animals.

If your pet can manage with other animals, you can choose shared transportation services, but if your pet is rude somewhat, private transportation services are a perfect choice for you.

Essential Things with Pet Shipping Services

Check out your selected pet shipping services has the following things:

  • Water and food
  • Travel cage or kennel
  • Leash
  • Medications
  • Pet health records

If you are looking for pet shipping services at an international level, Airvets Pet Relocation is a perfect choice for you. Visit on our website to know more about us and our services and hire us for the transportations services of your pet.





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