Ultimate Steps to Maintaining Healthy Hot Tub Water Chemistry

Nothing breaks a good hot tub bathing mood than scum lines in the hot tub and dirty water. And once you have encountered this thing, probably, you will start ignoring the idea of bathing in a hot tub entirely. Do you really want to do something like that with yourself? Nah, we don’t think so. Thus, we are advising you to follow these ultimate steps that are mentioned below to maintain good hot tub water chemistry.

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Sanitizing: The first step to maintaining good hot tub water chemistry is sanitizing. If you have not sanitized your hot tub correctly, you might see scum lines formed around the tub. For sanitizing, you can use chlorine tablets, chlorine granules, bromine tablets, bromine granules, or some other non-chlorine/bromine alternative. These things would dissolve easily in the water and would offer powerful protection against bacteria.

Balancing: After sanitizing, another thing that you should do is balancing. Now, under this, you should balance the pH level of the water. You should regularly check the pH level of the water and must also balance the total alkalinity and calcium hardness.

Shock: A weekly hot tub shock dose would keep the water of your hot tub away from problems.

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