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Abandoning Johnson may be that the ram responded to the price of this angle guard. In particular, the general manager Les Snead will disclose the ram in the public that the ram still needs to figure out whether Johnson is also suitable for the team’s new defensive system.

Labodport said: “So many things doing the ramb are to rebuild the lineup, they can get a lot of drafts by the best of the best one of the best, now they are considering their options, want to see for special Rouman Johnson and what possible for the ram. “

The game Smith is poor, and the first half of his 12 times tried only 4 times, and 27 yards were taken and was copied once. 6 times before the jet, there were 4 times to abandon the kick, and the rest were directly lost. Chris Johnson dropped, Smith was copied.

Quartz Wei Lan is not worried about the external handle Jones, the training will affect the tacit understanding

In April, Atlanta Falcon 4-dimensional Matt Ryan said that Hulio Jones, who took place in the last year, will not fully participate in training cheap jerseys from china foot surgery, He is excited to be excited to have a chance to travel with Jones this year.

“About the tacit problem: We have played for a long time, when he is healthy and feels good, just like his current state, it is very easy to keep tacit,” Ryan said. “He is very talented. We will not have problems. I think we are in good condition. We will conduct some excellent training as long as the start of the season.”

Libotport means that you will pay attention to whether Cleveland Brown will shoot. Brown’s current defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was once a defensive coordinator for ram. And Tennesi Titan & mdash; & mdash; perhaps even Jacksonville America Tiger & mdash; & mdash; will be reasonable. There may be more teams if it is difficult to find outstanding corners now.

“I feel very good, the progress is also as expected.” Evert said, “I don’t want to play easily, causing injury to rebound, as long as the class is coming, the plan is to participate in the training camp with a health state, and there is no obstacle.”

However, Jones absent the team voluntary training and expects to return until the mandatory mini training camp next month will return. This may not be hoped by Lien, but he thinks this will not bring any questions to the falcon.

Last season, near-end Thaler-Efte (Tyler Eifert) only played two games. He then received back surgery, reimbursed season. Due to injuries, Evet just played 24 games in four seasons. The team did not dare to move too anxious, but Efte himself said that he can participate in the complete training when training camp.

Today, Wholesale jerseys Ryan made a final decision on the quadrant, which can be seen as a patient who has lost patient due to the team’s 4-game defeat. Smith is not the only problem facing Ryan, and the team is currently lacking at core players, and the second line is even more hit. The jet is still in a disaster again, and it is difficult to find the way to help the team out of the predicament.

Most of the victories of the United States Tiger Tiger is achieved by their brave defensive group. In the game, the American tiger did 10 killing, while Smith was huge. Although the contract amount is huge, this is what he deserves.

Americas tiger teammates are full of confidence in four-point 卫 Nik-Folos

Although the outside world is still questioned between Jacksonville American Tiger in Gardner Minshew and Nick Foles, it is full of confidence in Falls in the Jagu team. .

“What is your question? He is the quarter-saving of the super bowl of champion,” KEELAN Cole “said. “Of course, we feel confident. His pass is just right. He learned to attack. He looked at everything. You can’t keep him,”

Jacksonville America Tiger and Line Wei Terrin – Smith Contains for 4 years

The Jacksonville American Tiger Defense Group finally made the lineup that accumulated in recent years played a role in the field, and an important member of them was the line of Telvin Smith.

The jet coach still supports Smith as a first

In the New York jet this week, the head coach Rex Ryan met Michael Vick in the middle of the game, but he said he would continue to support Gin-Smith (Geno SMITH) As the team first sends a quarter-saving. The opponent of the next week, will be Denver wild horse.

Smith is a great threat to most of the opponents in this season and teammates. The data did not reflect his role & mdash; & mdash; he obtained 58 hugs this season and killed 3 times to destroy the ball 2 times. One time I forced the ball to fall. But we only need to watch half of the game this season, you can see that he is the best player in the front line of the team.

Vik was later debut, but his bad performance was rescued from the quarter-free dispute. The old passenger has no technical content, and 19 passed 8 times, only 47 yards. Vicbell has the opportunity to complete the pass to the ball, but because he has crossed the kick before passing the ball, canceled by the referee.

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