Unchain your gaming talents with Gods Unchained Clone -an NFT gaming platform.

NFT games have already created a revolution by changing the tradition of play-to win to play-to-earn. The gaming with NFTs have attracted many gaming freaks to indulge in the games and play and earn money while they do their favorite hobby. The games with NFTs give the opportunity to trade the gaming characters within the game and use them to increase the power of the characters and win the game and get benefitted. Gods Unchained clone is such a game which is basically a card game with several benefits within which promotes the game and yields income.

Renovate your gaming with play-to-earn mode.

The Gods Unchained Clone is paving a way to use your gaming skills to earn a huge amount. The game is proven to be a successful with its turn over in the year 2021. With this growth many NFT fanatics have turned their head towards NFT gamings. Gods Unchained Clone is not only providing a platform for playing but also trading with the game collectibles. The cards are used as NFTs for trading, cards are listed in the storefront and are either sold for a fixed price or set out for an auction. By playing this game and winning you are assured for top most place in the crypto space. 

Attributes of  the NFT based game.

The game developed on the blockchain technology has certain attributes that promotes the smoothness of playing the game. They are:

  • Army Building

  Users can build an army with the trading cards which they draw from the deck.

  • Fighting

Users can detect the opponents and have a fight with them with the cards they own.

  • Special Cards

Users can draw the special cards at any instant of the game and use it accordingly.

  • Prize pool

Users have to win the fights with the opponents and if they win they would be directed to the tournament. Post that they will be directed to the prize pool where they can earn big amount of money.

At INORU we are developing NFT marketplaces for games, where we customize the marketplaces according to the clients’s requirements. Approach us soon and get yourself the play-to-earn gaming platform of Gods Unchained Clone and earn a huge amount of money.

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