UnderMine: Locate All the NPCs

The most unique and exciting factor of the “rogue-like” category of game is that players can always locate and unlock new items. Finding weapons, items, or even the NPCs motivates the player to progress the game further. In “UnderMine,” players can locate several NPCs and rescue them while discovering the mines. These NPCs are useful in the game, so you must find every one of them. Missing out any NPCs can make the difficulty of your game extremely hard. However, there are several locations available from where you can rescue NPC.

In UnderMine, you will see a total of 7 iconic NPCs during your adventure. Most of the characters will turn into a merchant or start selling you the upgrades when you see them again in the hub. So here is the list where you can locate entire NPCs.

UnderMine: Locate All the NPCs

Wayland The Blacksmith

The first NPCs you see will be trapped in mines. He has the most expensive shop in the game. To locate his exact location, you will be required to explode a wall with a bomb to open the blocked entrance of the room. On his site, you can upgrade your throw damage, HP, your damage, and the amount of gold that you will keep after death. He can also craft the blueprints you discover for your future progress.

Baba the Alchemist

You don’t need to rescue this baba, but you need to finish a quest. In the quest, you need to gather the mushrooms to make the potions for your future progress. She will offer you several potions, so it is necessary to upgrade the potion slots to expand the space.


After defeating the Gargoyles, you will obtain a Master’s Key. Use the Master’s key to unlock a hidden cell under an X marked rock inside the Dungeon. Lillyth will come to your hub, and she can upgrade your curses and blessings. Once you unlock her, she will run with you everywhere, and you can talk to her to remove the curse in exchange for the HP.


He is locked on the first floor of the “Delvemore Dungeon.” To unlock him, you will be required two separate keys for the door. Dibble is not very useful, but it will enable you to expand the stock slot and key before you begin to run inside mines.

Griswold, The Collector

It’s a secret character, and it naturally comes across quite hard. You can find him by locating the “Dusty Book” and putting it on the bookshelf at the back of “Arkanos” the “Archmage.” Once you finish this, he will move to your hub and will take care of the eggs you collect on your run. After those eggs hatch in familiars, you can take them along with you to help on your next run.

Black Rabbit

This following NPC will not join you on your hub, but sometimes it will show up in your runs. She is a vital merchant that offers blueprints for 25 gold the very first time you see her. Sometimes she’ll show up as a shop, but she will not charge gold like many different merchants. However, she prefers exchanging the bombs, keys, HP, and a few more items.


In the game, you will find Dodson quite soon. You can rescue him after defeating “Rockpile Mimic” and utilizing the “Prisoner Key” at the Goldmines. He will offer you some upgrades of bombs after reaching your hub.

Conclusion – Finding all these NPCs isn’t tricky. All these iconic NPCs have a unique specialty, and they all play a significant part in the game. Once they join your journey with you, your playing experience will get better. They all will allow you to upgrade your items and characters.

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