Understand The Background Of Game Boxes Now

Although game packaging was introduced in the 1980s, major changes came in them after the 2000s. An effective way to track the evolution of Game Boxes is by comparing them with the packages provided in the past. With passing time, many advancements were made in the printing can packaging sector, and with that, the face of these game packages changed. Let us learn the main changes made to their appearance with time.

The Atari 2600:
This is supposedly the first generation of Game packaging boxes, which was majorly made using cardboard. Although cardboard was invented back in the early nineteenth century, the major usage of it in the gaming industry came just before the 1980s. These packages became popular when VCS games came in the large game packages. They included a sturdy cardboard frame along with some manuals to guide the players accordingly. They were so colorfully painted that even if you place them in the art gallery today, then they would be sold for several thousand dollars. These Custom game boxes were the pioneers on which the rest built themselves.

The Generation Of Computers:
With time the popularity of gaming consoles faded when personal computers made their way to the homes of individuals. Pretty soon, the games also started to come for these personal computers, and then this gave birth to a new era of Printed Game Boxes. Most game packages of that time followed a specific set of design patterns related to the first generation. They all had punchy colors with very detailed illustrations of the game characters. They all had significantly large sizes, so they were always highlighted on the retail shelves. These packages were super handy in keeping the gaming cassettes safe from moisture and other potential hazards.

The Entry Of Sega Into The Market:
As the market for Customized game boxes was progressing with leaps and bounds, so in Japan, the company known as Sega started working on their gaming products too. They came with the Sega Master System cartridge cassette. These were made sturdy and carried games inside them. For the packaging of these precious items, special cardboard packages were introduced by the company, which helped them in making them attractive. Many retail stores bought these Game boxes wholesale because this was to only way to get them at affordable prices. These cartridges majorly resemble the DVDs packaging that is currently popular nowadays.

The Era Of NES:
Most gaming enthusiasts can remember the days when Nintendo stepped into the game with their own cardboard Game box in Australia. These were carried all the way till the release of NS4. It did not matter whether it was Gameboy or NES; the packaging was of cardboard. In fact, the inner frame was made of cardboard to hold the cartridge with the space to fit a manual inside the packaging. By this time, advancements were starting to show up in the printing industry, and the design illustrations of these packages were pretty clear, with a touch of appropriate fonts and colors. This is why Game boxes in Australia got popular, and people loved to collect them.

PC Big Packages:
With more advancements in computers, gaming became pretty common. This resulted in more gaming developers coming towards this platform because these computers were pretty common everywhere. Companies had no specific idea of making the right packaging size of Game boxes in Melbourne till then, so they made them as big as they can to attract attention. It was not that the disc needed this hugely sized box, but this was only because the other companies were doing this too. This was a major problem for the customers to store these huge packages in homes.

The Rise Of The PlayStation:
With the rise of PlayStation, the game packaging rose to its maximum potential as well. In those days, gaming on this particular platform was the most common trend, and people of all ages played games on it. These games came in the form of disks, and to protect these delicate disks, a cardboard made Game box in Sydney was used. But soon after that, games started to circulate over the internet, and now everyone can download them to their PC right away. So the need for a specific game packaging faded away.

While it is true that there were some slight innovations in the packaging changes of the Game Boxes, but most of these changes were related to design aspects. With time the sizes of the packaging started to reduce, and the illustrations got better, which led to a good experience for the customers. So after reading about the history of these gaming packages, you must be thinking about them too. So if you are looking for a unique touch to your offerings, you can opt for such a package

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