Understand The Facts About Employment Verification

At present, it is really difficult to find an organization that hires an employee without checking the candidate’s background. No company will want to witness a hired employee becoming a liability for an organization in the future and, that is just because of not checking. Hence, every HR department of a company conducts necessary background checking at the time of the interview.

Are you looking for a prospective vacancy for you? If yes, then you must have complete knowledge about employment verification. You must know how a company conducts this screening process. To be honest without employment verification from a previous company and also verification about your background it will be difficult for a company to hire. It is a must for you to give consent to the hiring company for the verification or else even being a suitable candidate appointment letter will not be issued.

What is employment screening?

Every company wants the best candidate for their organization. The hiring department of a company will employ an employee who possesses a fair history. The company will check your job history, educational degrees you have mentioned, criminal records, etc. Once the hiring authority satisfies your background score, the company will send you the offer letter.

Importance of background checking of employee

On checking the background of an employee, the authority comes to know whether the job applicant is fit for the company or not. It will be unpleasant if a company hires someone who is not the right candidate for the position. A thorough background checking will refrain the organization from appointing the wrong candidate.

The process to verify employment history

At first, the authority will check the employment records of the employee. The HR can contact every workplace that has been mentioned by the job seeker on the resume. Checking of identity helps an organization to verify whether the applicant has any criminal record or not. Many companies appoint hiring agencies those work on this verification process.

How to verify employment history?

Employment verification is one of the most important processes before hiring a candidate. Here a hiring authority needs to follow the process mentioned below.

  • The HR department must check every workplace mentioned in the resume.
  • If the phone numbers of previous employers are not available, HR can ask for the same from the candidate. The hiring department can also arrange the contact detail from other references.
  • The hiring authority needs to verify how long the candidate worked there.
  • The company should comply with the hiring laws applicable in the state.

A company can contact consumer reporting agencies to carry on the necessary verification. The agency will check the driving record, license verification, history of educational qualification, etc. These agencies will also conduct both employment and reference verification.

Hence those above are the facts that every job seeker must know while applying for a job. Some dedicated companies do the verification and submit the report to the hiring firm. One of the trusted and reputed of the industry is iCrederity. So far, this company has served various companies and delivered 100% satisfaction.

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