Understand The Relationship Between Climate Change And Mold

Mold can cause serious health problems and requires special care. If we find a high-quality mold, we will develop a “rule” or plan for improvement (cleanup) and promise that the problem will not happen again. Even in the event of a storm, certain precautions, such as waterproofing your basement, can prevent damage. Of course, some damage, like a broken roof, is unavoidable, but it’s very rare.

Even if you decide you don’t have a mold problem, we’ll create a guide that shows you what you can do to prevent mold problems in the future. Activities typically include watering, dehumidifying, keeping the roof in good condition, clearing vegetation near the house, identifying plumbing problems, and improving the bathroom.

Relationship between storm and mold

Mold needs moisture to grow. It can be based on real water or it can be moisture, for example, humidity. Humidity above 60% is only necessary for mold spores to grow. So not only is it easy for mold to grow when water is constantly running through your basement, but it can also grow even if your windows are large enough to provide heat. The longer the water or air humidity in a home, the more likely it is for mold to form.

Must do

If you have a water leak, such as a flood, plumbing leak, roof leak, or even a small amount of water on the floor or walls, you don’t need more than a small amount for mold. Don’t worry immediately. Air humidity and odors are also a concern. If there is a serious problem, such as flooding or sewage, the repair company should be called to remove all the water, and the area should be dried with a special dehumidifier, air centrifuge, or heater , and debris removed.

Once this is done, a mold inspector should be called in to perform the test, which includes collecting weather samples and swabs and sending them to a lab to identify mold issues. The importance of mold inspections & air quality testing and measurement should be emphasized.


Climate change has affected mold growth in recent years and will continue to do so due to climate and ocean temperatures. To protect your home or business from interference, you should contact a licensed mold inspector to find out if you have a current mold problem, how to fix it, and how you can protect your product from developing mold problems.

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