Understand Your Sleepiness Pattern And Take Appropriate Treatment

Regrettably, shift work sleep disorder is a rather common type of sleeping illness, notably among medical professionals, firefighters, police officers, and security people. Due to nature of their work and the time they work, it impacts persons in these industries more than others. These professionals typically work erratic hours that vary throughout the week or month. These frequent fluctuations in their hours, and thus their sleeping patterns, upset their body’s circadian rhythm, making it difficult for them to obtain enough sleep each day.

Sleeping disorder is also extremely prevalent amongst university or college students when their timetables vary from one year to the next. Their bodies are still getting acclimated to awakening and sleeping at specific times, and their sleep patterns will need to adjust as a result of their new schedule. This period of adaptation is not easy, and many people will struggle to adjust. This has an impact on both the quantity and quality of sleep people get.


When you work at a position with frequently shifting hours or are a student, you should allow yourself ample time to adjust between schedule changes. That means you should begin planning for the anticipated shift before it occurs. That could mean you must stay up one night late when you’re exhausted. Alternatively, attempt to exhaust yourself physically so you are able to sleep early next night. The transition period is difficult, to be sure, but a few days of adaptation is preferable than a whole week or year of not being capable of sleeping well.

Not being capable of sleeping well because of sleep disorder adds stress to the equation, making it difficult to sleep. This virtuous circle can only be ended by a focused and well-planned effort. Determine the magnitude of the shift and then calculate the number of days required to complete the transition. Ideally, you should only vary your sleep schedule by one hour per night.

If you do not have the time to gradually shift from one sleeping pattern to the next, you’ll need to go without sleeping for one night to push your body to adapt to the new pattern. This is hardly a healthy transition, but it may be one of the few ways for shift workers, such as police officers, who could work days for one week and nights for the subsequent two weeks, to swiftly acclimate to the new sleeping pattern. You can buy Provigil to overcome your problem.


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If you believe you have sleep disorder, you will most certainly be suffering at one of the following signs:

  • a great desire to nap during the day
  • inadvertently dozing off
  • being even more prone to mishaps
  • physical performance impairment
  • becoming erratic and agitated
  • poor mental performance

Many persons who suffering from sleep disturbance are unable to do what is eventually required to solve the problem: cease working shifts. Because this is the case, alternative treatments must be investigated.

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