Understanding Relocation Costs and What It Includes

The average cost of relocation hinges mainly on the current living circumstances and the distance of relocation mainly. There are domestic relocation packages that are designed to suit every individual’s bill. However, choosing the right one can be a daunting process for a newbie or a person with limited knowledge. Understanding the relocation costs involves a great deal of information and detailed research. This article sheds light on how these packages work and how one can reduce it.

What are domestic relocation packages?

A domestic relocation package is typically a plan that covers moving costs and the safety of the packages involved. A good package is well designed to provide peace of mind and relief to the customer. Also, the company should be reasonable in its packaging costs and should not upsell unnecessary additional products like extra insurance and so on.

Domestic relocation packages are typically offered by employers as a part of their annual income package. However, this cost will only be covered if the employee is moving due to the job offered.

What do employers cover?

Most employers typically tailor the relocation programs to the employee benefits and offer the most competitive packages to retain their employees and the talent pool. Several companies have an in-house relocation manager to handle the relocation needs of their employees. In some companies, the entire process is outsourced. The external companies are capable of handling the end-to-end moving needs of the employees.

What are standard domestic relocation packages?

Standard relocation packages include a range of services and features. Many of them are beneficial for the mover and also hassle-free. Here are some of them that a relocating company may offer:

  1. Full moving assistance: The individual’s household goods are packed completely by the mover. This saves a lot of hassles for the person. Also, they are unpacked at the destination and assembled.
  2. Quality moving services along with insurance: Insurance is an inevitable expenditure but a necessary one. Moving charges typically include it in the package.
  3. Storage for a reasonable amount of time: An employee who is moving may not find accommodation immediately. So the goods are stored at a warehouse for a period of 4 weeks until they find suitable housing.


The inside story of relocation

Every company depends on its workforce as they are the people who bring in profits, productivity and creativity into their workflow. Holding a good talent management program for the talent pool improves the employee relationship with the company. More often than not, the talent pool that the employer needs come from varied locations and this is where relocation packages play an important role.

Employers need their employees to move to different locations for work and for career development programs. It is a daunting task for the employer to relocate them and harrowing for the employee. There is no need to worry because there are some best domestic relocation packages that are competitive and offered.  Some points to note are:

  • Offer thorough guidance and advice to the employee.
  • Check the size of the package to be moved.
  • Offer a comprehensive network of movers and choices.


All organizations need to consider the fact that the employee is moving for business purposes and therefore their needs have to be taken care of. Moving costs also include initial boarding for the employee until they find their own turf to stay. A lot of factors need to be considered while determining the total domestic relocation package. The bottom line is, that for employee retention, employers have to be reasonable while covering moving costs.

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