Unearthing 4 Significant Attributes of Structural Foam Molding

If talking about the manufacturing industry, we have seen so many great inventions took place over the last two or three decades. As a result, it has become quite easy and simple these days to build plastic parts with maximum strength and accuracy. Usually, injection molding is preferred by the most manufacturing companies, as it is an ideal alternative for the production of high-volume plastic parts, but when it comes to building lightweight plastic products, then Structural Foam Molding is a better choice. It is a method specifically used for manufacturing plastic parts with minimum weight and maximum strength.

In simple terms, Structural Foam Molding makes it possible to build plastic parts with a high strength-to-weight ratio because of the inert gas, which is added to the melted polymer before injecting it into the mold cavity. This inert gas simply acts as a chemical blowing agent, which gives the end products a foam-like core structure. Due to their foam-like core structure, plastic parts built through this method are 20-30% less heavy than solid plastic parts.

So, if you are looking for a Structural Foam Molding agency, then iMold USA, LLC can be the best option for you. So, before you make the final decision, let’s explore the key benefits of this manufacturing method.

Decent Strength: True that the core of the end products has a foam-like structure, but it doesn’t you need to worry about the strength because the outer walls remain thick and solid, which gives a decent strength-to-weight ratio.

Flawless Products: There’s no sink or shrinkage marks on the plastic parts built through the structural foam molding, which allows building flawless products with complex designing on them.

Superior Impact Resistance: One of the most significant benefits of foam-like core structure is that it provides superior impact resistance, which makes the end products durable and long-lasting.

Affordable Aluminum Molds Can Be Used: It can also be described as an advantage of structural foam injection molding that it allows you to use aluminum molds because in this method, low-pressure is used for injecting the melted polymer. This way, it makes the overall production process faster and cost-effective because aluminum offers faster heat-transfer and apart from that, it is a cheaper material as well.

So, there are multiple benefits of structural foam molding when suitable tools and machinery are used in production.

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