Unified Communications and Collaboration and Its Benefits

Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) is a technology and software suite that combines enterprise communication with real-time, asynchronous collaboration capabilities. To improve connectivity and productivity, UCC combines the various methods in individual unified communications solutions, making them available through a single interface.

A unified communications and collaboration service (UC&C) is integrating enterprise communication tools into a single interface and management system. A set of UC&C products includes numerous communication and collaboration tools, such as:

● Voicemail and email

● Calendars and scheduling

● Telephony and voice

● Communication in real-time

● Web, audio, and video conferencing

● IM (instant messaging)

● Desktop sharing

● VoIP

Additional functionality offered by unified communications service providers may include presence tracking (the ability to determine whether a contact is busy or available) and unified messaging (the ability to retrieve all messages from a central location).

Benefits of Unified Communication Solution Development

UC solution provides numerous benefits to any organization, including providing employees with a consistent experience and interface across all devices and enhancing their ability to telecommute or work remotely. Other ways your company can benefit are as follows:

1. Integrated Experience: By combining email, mobile, voice, web conferencing, and real-time communications, UC&C provides a single, cohesive, and consistent experience.

2. Increased Productivity and Collaboration: Because traditional communications are bulky and inconsistent, your employees will spend more time learning new tools and less time getting work done. Your teams will be able to collaborate more efficiently and productively through a variety of channels with UC&C tools.

3. Better User Experience: Your employees will find UC&C tools more accessible and valuable as the need for separate training, user names, and passwords eliminate.

4. Cost Savings In Information Technology and Telephony: With all communications integrated into a single platform, there will be fewer potential failure points and errors, reducing the need for constant IT assistance.


Integrating communication and collaboration tools into a single user interface provides numerous advantages to organizations. While all businesses revolve around proper communication and collaboration, unified communications service providers benefit from solution development based on your business requirement. More streamlined communication channels can also reduce time wasted waiting for a response and improve operational efficiency. Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco are all popular Unified communications services providers.

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