Unique and Practical Gifting and Decorating by Room

Gifting for friends and family members can be a tough proposition. However, there are strategies you can employ to ensure that gift-giving is a little bit simpler. One of those strategies is compartmentalizing the gift buying in a few ways.


An obvious one is doing so by event and focusing on things such as birthday presents, housewarming gifts for new homeowners, commemorative items to give for a milestone celebration, etc. Another method is further segmenting the process by focusing on a room in the recipient’s home where a gift could be made useful or be displayed. When your gift-giving ideas are a bit unclear or just overwhelming, choosing one room for which you can purchase décor or a gift can be a lifesaver.

The Kitchen

Some gift buyers shy away from buying décor items because decoration choices can be really personal. It’s true that spending a lot of money on a painting as tall as the recipient that you suggest they hang in their living room might be a bit presumptuous. But décor can be a great, and relatively risk-free gift choice when you’re familiar with the recipient. And the kitchen is a great room on which to focus.

Keep in mind that décor and décor-like gifts don’t have to be strictly decorative. If the gift-receiver is a fan of wine, consider gifting a classy wine opener paired with a bottle of red or white wine.If they prefer beer, find a fun or elegant bottle opener and a six-pack. If cheese, gift a specialized cheese knife and spreader with some fine cheese. Other fun but practical gift options include decorative spoon rests, trivets, tea towels, or a classic wooden serving bowl.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is an often-overlooked space for gifting. People just tend not to think about it, but it’s as giftable as any other room. Bathrooms are often under-decorated and people are glad to have something for it. If the recipient is a person of faith, for instance, consider religious gifts. A simple, elegant wall hanging will often be a welcome blessing in any space.

If you’re considering something more practical, purchase a classy, ornamental utensil jar, or a couple of them, for toothbrushes, nail files and other manicuring tools, makeup, etc. Similarly, ceramic wall crocks can serve as a classical and functional piece of bathroom décor. Decorative hooks and hangers for hand and bath towels can prove a nice addition as well.

The Living Room

Choosing a decorative gift for the living room can be tricky. Kitchens and bathrooms are often more utilitarian spaces and a bit less entertainment-centric. And if a gift isn’t a hit with the recipient, they can tuck a kitchen tool away in a drawer or cabinet without necessarily giving offense. So, a gift meant for the living room makes familiarity with the recipient much more important. Gifts that match the gift-receiver’s tastes, preferences, and/or hobbies are key.

Good gifts for the living room if you’re not entirely sure that the recipient will love them are those that aren’t necessarily going to be featured front and center or are small and subtle enough not to demand center stage. Some strong options include practical and decorative door stops;coaster sets with hobby- or taste-consistent images or designs;creative and useful bookends; cozy throw pillows; or a decorative light switch plate.


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