Unique Features of Louvre Roof System


Are you looking to add an extra room to your house by making use of your outdoor space? Consider installing Louvre roof systems! The Louvre roof systems can transform the outdoor living space of your home, and they will upgrade your indoor/outdoor living experience. The Louvre roof systems are designed with innovative technology options that fit right into today’s more tech-savvy homes. Also, it will perform the same function at a much higher level of construction.

Top 6 Features of Louvre Roof System

Feature 1: Broad Range Of Powder Coat/ Anodised Finishes

The Louvre roof systems will come with a broad range of powder coat/ anodised finishes. You can choose as per your wish. Also, you can opt for a rain sensor.

Feature 2: Can Enjoy Optimum Ventilation and Shelter

While having protection and privacy from bright sunny days, you can also enjoy optimum ventilation and shelter.

Feature 3: You Can Also Enjoy the Winter Sun

With the Louvre roof, you can also enjoy the winter sun and relax with a cup of coffee with your loved one or family, as the opening roof comes in handy.

Feature 4: The Louvre Roof’s Blades Turn 180 Degrees

Did you know the Louvre roof’s blades can turn 180 degrees? Also, the roof can handle large spans! So, as per your need and requirement, you can make the angle and position.

Feature 5: The Flat Base in the Louvre Blades Provides A Modern Artistic Look

The Louvre blades consist of a flat base, and So, when the Louvre roof system is closed, it provides a modern artistic look.

Feature 6: Appreciate Advanced Materials and Design

Unlike other shade systems, the Louvre roof systems are engineered with durable materials. This includes stainless steel fasteners and high-grade extruded aluminium components.

Why Choose Louvre Roof System?

1. Highly durable, great value

2. Modern look and feel

3. As strong as steel but much lighter and more flexible

4. Energy efficient

5. Corrosion-resistant and long life

6. All year weather solution

7. Adds value to your home

8. Customised to your need

9. Great control of lighting

10. Engineered to last

11. Smarter control

Final Recap

A beautiful and comfortable outdoor living space is the ultimate home luxury, and a Louvre roof is one of its important factors. So, are you looking to purchase a Louvre roof for your outdoor? Check the Louvre roof prices and quality, and choose the right supplier like Eurola for the knowledgeable purchase. Make sure they can assist you with customised Louvre roof systems designs, and their installers can fix it right the first time.

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