Unique ideas for indoor party games for kids

Kids take their birthday parties and special events seriously. You should too. Planning the perfect party for kids is a dream of parents but not an easy task. While the decorations are alluring and the food is delicious, which are the party’s essential elements, it is the quirky indoor party games for kids that make the party attractive.

Following are some unique ideas which you can implement. These involve interactive toys readily available in the stores. They are –

Races and competitions

The variety under this category is aplenty. These games keep the kids moving and on their toes. You could award the winners. Some of the best ideas under this are –

Hula Hoop It Up: Give the participants hula hoops and let them spin it for as long as they can. If they drop the hoop, they are out. If there is not enough room for everyone to play the same, you have a series of head-to-head competitions.

Shoebox race: Tape the lids securely to shoeboxes and cut slits at the top about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long. Have the kids slip them on for bigfoot race. This game is also a crafty activity. If the party is a space theme, you can paint the boxes silver and call it astronaut boots.

Gift stacking: Before unwrapping the gifts, use them for a game. Set aside the fragile packages and ask the kids to create crafts out of them. You could also play this with pre-wrapped empty boxes. Divide them into two groups, along with similar items in every group. Two players sit back-to-back facing the gift stack. They work as a team.

One if by Land, Two if by Sea: Mark a line on the ground using a chalk or painter tape. Choose one of them to call out land, sea, or air. Have the remaining to stand in front of the line. If someone calls land, everyone jumps behind the line. If it is the sea, all jump on the line, and if it is air, they jump straight up. Anyone who makes a mistake gets out.

Calm Party Games

While these games also include interactive toys for kids, they require teamwork than the competition. Some of the best ones are –

Bubble-icious: Provide kids socks to wear on their hands. Blow bubbles and let them try catching them. For upping the challenge, have kids stand in a circle and try passing a bubble to each person. It depends on how long they can keep it before it pops.

Follow the leader: You can play this either standing or seated and brings the enthusiasm levels a little down. Start by assigning one of them as the guesser. Have them leave the room or face the wall for a minute while designating the other as a leader. The leader makes a subtle motion, like touching the earlobe. The other players follow suit, and every second, the leader switches their motion. The guesser tries figuring out the leader.

Food fight: Give all the kids shaving cream and bowl of Cheetos or popcorn. Make them sit in a tight circle. Place a plastic tablecloth on the floor. The let the food fly until the bowl becomes empty.

The other classic indoor party games for kids are hide & seek, Simon says, balloon stomp, treasure hunt, etc.

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