Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

If you are searching for wedding venues in Chester County PA, you might already also be thinking about how the entertainment at your upcoming wedding will play out. If you want to do something different than the normal same old, then we have some ideas for you to consider. Below, you will find some unique entertainment ideas for your wedding.

1.Photo Booth Having a photo booth is not something that we commonly find at weddings, but can be a great source of fun. There are many companies that rent out photo booths for events like weddings. This can include props for your pictures, costumes, and usually is much like the photo booths that you would see at the mall and pay money to use.

2. Caricatures If you have ever been to an amusement park, you have probably come across caricature artists before. Although these sorts of professionals can be very expensive to use if you pay for each piece, hiring them for an entire night is a different story. Usually, they will simply expect to receive what they can make on a night on their own.

3. Jazz Band Want to avoid getting an average cover band or DJ to perform at your wedding, then a jazz band might be the best option for you to consider! Jazz bands are great for providing a calm and relaxed atmosphere which would be great for couples that want to spend the majority of their night relaxing and mingling as opposed to partying and dancing.

4. Fireworks There are few sources of entertainment that would be as unique as having your own firework display at your wedding. Although this option is not for those on a small budget, it can be a very unique source of entertainment for your wedding.

5. Golfing Golfing can be a great way to relax and unwind if you have a smaller wedding with fewer families. With a smaller crowd, you will be able to afford something like booking a round of golf for all your guests.

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