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Selling art online can be somewhat of a conundrum for artists. In the days of the internet, it is not enough to just be a good creator or communicator, one must be able to ensure his art reaches the right audience.


One needs to continuously expand the circle of people who will be interested in buying the art. If the artist does not make a continuous concerted effort to showcase his creations, he will be unable to market or sell his art. Promoting art for an artist should not feel overpowering, he need not do everything at once.


Great Artist Portfolio


Creating a great artist portfolio has two major goals. It will help an artist develop his brand and help an artist showcase his creations at different art competitions, can be used to display at websites and these portfolios could be used to attract the audience and help them make an informed buying decision.




Online Marketing today has become the buzzword in every industry and the art industry is no exception to the rule. It has become imperative for every Artists Selling Art Online to have his own website, or a page dedicated to his work on popular art sites. This online presence provides buyers an easy access to the artist’s work.


Social Media Marketing


Social media today has developed into an influential instrument for reaching out to new aficionados and keeping in contact with established ones. It is essential for artists to Sell Art Online today to create/maintain and update their individual accounts on sites on such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest.



In today’s connected world it is important for artists to stay connected with other fellow artists so that he could discover new Unique Wall Décor breaks that he might not have otherwise known to have existed. It is equally important for an artist to network with fellow artists at a professional level in art communities at the local, statewide, nationally, and globally levels. This will help the artist make friends who will help him promote his art better and build his brand.


Finally, it is important for an artist to remember, it is not enough for him to be a good creator, but he should also be a good communicator, a great brand ambassador and a versatile social communicator, if he wishes to reach out to the wider global community to market his creations.


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