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ISO 13485 certification in Oman

Oman is one of the well-known countries of the Middle East and the capital of this country is Muscat which is home to a vast majority of expatriates is one of the most beautiful countries of the Middle East and it also has long coastline as it is placed in the borders of Arabian Sea along with the desert it also houses many e small hill stations with lot of green environment around which is not very common in the middle Eastern countries.


What do you know about ISO? Let us learn a few things about ISO before we get into specific ISO 13485 standard,

ISO is international organisation for standardization, now you might have a question about why is that I also and not IOS if the above mentioned the abbreviation, simply because ISO is not an aberration at all just stands for international organisation for standardization and the name ISO was derived from a Greek word called ISOS which means equal. It was started in the year 1947 after the second world war, how many delegates from different countries collaborated together in order to create a body which which will only work on publishing the standards and generating standards which will be helpful for the humankind. After 70 years today is they have published more than 22000 standards and the number is still going on and on. In this standard there are lot of standards which are implementable and can be followed by companies in order to get certified for and a few of them are just guidelines which can be followed for best practices. ISO 13485 now has 10 number of clauses similar to ISO 9001 and hence it is almost similar to that particular standard, ISO Certification in Oman is following the same approach in all the standards which is making it easy to implement multiple standards at the same time in a single organisation.


One such standard is ISO 13485 which is quality management system for medical devices. Is totally focuses on the quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. This standard requires an organisation to be able to continuously produce or manufacture the best quality products in the medical field and also emphasizes on the importance given to the controls in the work environment to ensure that the products are manufactured safe, risk management is focused majorly in this particular standard which can be a standalone factor to make sure the products are taken care in every single stage to reduce any kind of risks which might be arising during the production cycle.

ISO 13485 in Oman specific requirements for inspection and trace-ability of implantable devices also and specific requirements for the documentation and validation of process for medical devices, active and preventive action is also given a prime focus in this particular standard.


ISO 13485 is one such important tool for you to get recognized across the globe and also to make sure you stand on top of all your competitors and gain the market presence. Effective implementation of ISO 13485 in Oman gives a lot of advantages to your organisation over your competitors which can be as follows.


  1. Devices which are manufactured in your organisation become more stable and trustworthy which in turn reduces the number of complaints increasing your bottom lines and decreasing your time on fixing the issues.


  1. Lot of private sector and public sector organisations while plotting a tender will definitely include ISO 13485 as one of the major requirements to be eligible to bid for the tender which they are floating, Hence if you’re already are certified for ISO 13485 the new bound to make an impact and your doors to win 10 days are always open.


  1. Want to display your certificates on your website and on any other places your customers will gain more trust in your organisation which will definitely increase of your business.


  1. Your organisation will have an effective mode of process and everything will be documented to help you to understand the flaws show in your process and also will help to ease the bottlenecks.

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits we are getting out of ISO 13485 Certification in Oman then we suggest you to go with ISO 13485 as early as possible and get certified for this particular standard which will not only help you to increase the trust but also will help you to improve your business bottom lines. What are you waiting for?? Are you confused about how to get this particular certification then solution is right in front of you, just go to our website www.factocert.com  drop an enquiry or you can directly write to us on contact@factocert.com  and you can almost think your job is done because one we receive your enquiry we take all the responsibilities to make sure that your organisation is certified for ISO 13485 and will definitely get all the advantages which was stated above.

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