Unknown iOS 14 Features That You Should Know

It has been a few weeks since Apple rolled out their iOS 14 updates, so after all these weeks, you might be confident about being familiar with the features. But apart from the features that you probably might be using, there are a few features tweaks that you may not know yet. This latest software update has more to offer than what appears on the surface. It can potentially change the way you use your phone. Over the years, this is the first update to have the best visual face-lift, iMessage improvements, app drawer, and more.

If you haven’t updated your phone yet, then take your time to get it ready for the software. You can then use the following unknown and best features on iOS 14:

Tag People on iMessage

This feature will let you tag people in any conversation. This way, you can let them know that you need their assistance and attention in a particular chat. It is a great feature to use when you are a part of an enormous group conversation. If you want to draw someone’s attention to a specific part of the chat, you can tag them. The tagged person can directly reply to the message and create a sub-thread or a new thread within the conversation. It will save your time as it will get you instant replies.

To tag someone in the conversation, use @ symbol followed by their name. It is similar to tagging someone on Instagram stories or posts. And for an in-line reply, one has to long-press the message they have been tagged in and select Reply. Note that this feature is limited to group iMessage conversations only.

Pin a Conversation

Like WhatsApp, you can now pin any conversation to the top on the iMessage app. Now, you wouldn’t have to scroll down the page to find your important contacts or favorite person. You can use it in a group chat as well. This will prevent you from sending wrong messages to the wrong group. If you have any go-to person or group, then use it to stay connected with them. You have to swipe right on any thread to pin the conversation or a contact on the top of your Messages app.


If you need to use or convert any unfamiliar language, then the Google Translate app is probably your most reliable app. But now you don’t have to depend on it as Apple has introduced its translating app via this update. You can even convert any conversation or text within seconds and hold onto a great conversation without falling into the language barrier. Apple’s translator can translate English, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, and Russian languages.

To use this feature, you have to open the app and enter the sentence you want to translate. You can also use your voice-to-text to get the sentence on the screen. Then select your preferred language, and get an automatic translation within a second. It can even teach you to learn the pronunciation of a foreign word. It also has a conversation mode (mic icon) through which you can verbally hold a conversation.

App Library

Android phones have had an app drawer for years, and now, Apple phones will have it too. You can use the App Library that gives you access to the home screen. It can automatically arrange the apps in folders based on their app category, on your device. This way, you can easily find all the installed apps and spend less time getting frustrated to look for them. App Library is integrated with a home screen feature that will enable you to hide apps’ pages that you often don’t use.

Use the App Library every time you want to use an app that doesn’t appear on your home screens. You can use automatically organized folders to find the app icon or use the search bar at the top of your screen to find the app you want to use. Also, at the top of the App Library screen, you’ll find Suggestions and Recently Added folders which can automatically update and adjust the apps based on different categories or criteria. And if you want to check and hide multiple apps’ pages you don’t often use, then press and hold the app until it jiggles. Then, click on the circular row at the bottom of the screen. Select the pages you want to hide, and select Done.

Picture in Picture Tool

You must have heard about this feature on an iPad, and now, it’s available on the iPhone. The Picture in Picture tool will create a thumbnail image of a video, and the video will play even if you switch to another app. So, from now on, every time you watch a video in any supported app and switch to your home screen, then the video will continue playing in a smaller tab. You can even drag and adjust the size of the PiP on any part of the phone screen. You can even temporarily hide it to the edge of the screen. To exit the video, click on the X button.

These features will let you use the iOS 14 update to its maximum potential while enjoying all the benefits. Now, you can do minor tasks with ease.

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