Unraveling The Pros and Cons of Beard Transplant

We’re aware that women love a man with a full-grown beard. You can style it in different ways and flaunt the beard. Some men keep a beard just because they love the idea of growing one. What if you can’t grow one? You’ve heard about hair transplants, but there is a thing called beard transplant.


Thankfully, you can find a beard transplant clinic in Bangalore. You have seen Tollywood and Bollywood movies that inspired you to keep a full-grown beard look. After all, Arjun Reddy was a big hit among the youth, and women loved the look.


No matter the reason for you getting a beard transplant (self-love or women), allow us to share the pros and cons of the procedure. Before you get a beard transplant in Bangalore, skim through this post.

Pros of Getting a Beard Transplant


#1 Beard transplant is an effective method


A Beard transplant is an effective method to get a beard. You get realistic results, and your own hair is used for the procedure.


The expert takes hair from your body and transplants it to the recipient region, which is your beard area/chin and around the lips.


#2 You get a natural appearance


With a beard transplantation, you get a fully natural appearance. Since natural hair is used, you don’t have to worry whether it will look fake or uncanny.


You will look natural and handsome with your beard. And there is nothing artificial about it! There are three methods of beard transplantation: DHI, FUT, and FUE. Preferably, one should go for DHI as this method is advanced, and healing time is quicker than FUE and FUT.


#3 The Results Look Very Realistic


You will be able to see the results in a few months, but the waiting time will be worth it. When you get unnatural results, people make fun of you. But with procedures like DHI, you get natural results. It looks very real! People will ask you how you grew such a smooth and good-looking beard.


#4 It’s Easy, Quick, and Painless


If you are going for the DHI beard transplantation method, it will be painless for you. A special pen is used for transplanting hair follicles to the beard region.


The procedure is done within a single seating, and it’s painless. You can go for it! Even the scabs around the face will fall off eventually within a few weeks.


CONS of Beard Transplantation


#1 Some Methods May Cause Bleeding


Now, FUE and FUT procedures may cause bleeding, so it is best to go for DHI. It does not cause any bleeding, and healing time is also quick.


#2 Beware of Bad Surgeons


You should avoid bad surgeons. Always read reviews and check ratings before going for a surgeon.


You will get better results and avoid all kinds of scams. Beard transplantation is effective, but only if a reputable surgeon is doing it.


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