Unsure of the Ideal Loose Tobacco to Purchase? Consider Trying This Two

Although pipe tobacco enjoys massive popularity among several smokers, many others prefer the loose ones mostly because of the chance of personalization. The latter usually comes in loosely-cut tobacco products that emanate from highly delicate leaves with minimal alterations. Lovers of these variants also give them reverence due to their pocket-friendly rates and affordability, compared to ready-made ones.

The proliferation of several tobacco retailers online, many of whom deal with sub-standard products, has made online purchases a challenging feat. If you put up a “loose tobacco near me” query on your search engine, it’ll bring up various options. However, on closer observation, you’ll realize that many of these options aren’t real; they’re merely smokescreens for internet fraudsters, used to defraud unsuspecting individuals of their hard-earned money.

Smokers Outlet Online is a store established to limit the gap between quality smokes and ready smokers. We’re an online tobacco outlet existing for more than ten years with the ‘customer first’mantra. Whatever brand of loose tobacco you want, we’ve got it ready for your consumption. Meeting the needs of customers is our goal and priority.

If you’re considering joining the league of loose tobaccos but unsure of brands and blends to start with, consider trying out the two we’ll be examining below.

Kentucky Select

Kentucky Select operates one of the best brands of loose tobacco in the market. It’s a perfect choice for a newbie like you as its production considers both experienced smokers and inexperienced ones. It comes manufactured with original tobacco leaves without adding more robust flavors. Many know loose smokes from this great brand for their even and consistent burning sensation, extraordinary taste, and the absence of rough aftertaste.

Also, they come in highly affordable packages and distinct flavors, including Red, Gold, Green, Turkish Black, Silver, etc. Visit the website for further information on this excellent brand.

Golden Virginia

Produced by Imperial Tobacco Limited and featured in tobacco stores across the US and the EU, loose tobacco from Golden Virginia is another ideal one for those just starting in the world of RYO. It contains a perfect mix of Burley, Virginia, and Oriental tobacco flavors. With the components mixed in the ideal proportions, there’s never the issue of one flavor overpowering the others. This excellent brand of loose smokes comes in professionally-cut long pieces of fine strands that make it easy for you to roll and puff.


Are you interested in enjoying some of our finely-made loose tobaccos? Go to our website to start placing orders.

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