Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms: A Checklist

Unusual Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a  beautiful time in a woman’s life. The feeling of getting to be a mother is truly magical. The nine months of pregnancy pass by like the cold wind. Even after you’ve become a mom, you’d still cherish these memories and be justify with wanting to live the time again!

Pregnancy is a full-cycle that comes with a lot of ups and downs. There are good days and bad ones too. This is the time of your life when you experience the most changes. These changes occur and affect all parts of your life – physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual. This is the time that your body experiences truckloads of changes, and these changes happen and change on an everyday basis. Along with these changes come a lot of Weird early pregnancy symptoms as well.

While some of these changes are normal and not to be worried about, there are some Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms that also occur and might leave you confused. Mamanbaba brings for you Unusual early pregnancy symptoms: A checklist that ranges from okay to weird to ‘why did no one tell me about this?’ pregnancy symptoms. These also consist of some Unusual Signs That May Mean You’re Pregnant. Pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride, and here we bring for you the weirdest of symptoms that you will experience along the journey. So buckle up that seat belt, because you are in for an adventurous ride.

Mucus/ Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is something that comes up during the early stages of pregnancy. While not all women experience it, it is extremely uncomfortable for those who do. This vaginal discharge may or may not be associated with the pregnancy. Many women secret sticky, white or pale-yellow coloured mucus during their first trimester or may experience the same throughout their pregnancy.

This discharge is caused by increased hormonal growth and vaginal blood flow in the body. This tends to increase and take a toll when you are pregnant. It is considered as one of the Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms. This is in order to prevent your body from developing infections as your cervix, and vaginal walls get soft.

However, you should visit your doctor if the vaginal discharge smells, burns, itches, turns greenish-yellow or becomes very watery or thick. All of these symptoms are not okay and they can also be caused by a vaginal or urine infection. Thus they should be checked upon immediately

The world goes swirling

One of the most uncommon and common symptoms of pregnancy is that you might feel that the room is spinning. This is common because almost every woman has faced it once during her pregnancy. However, what makes it uncommon is the degree as to which every woman experiences it. Women feel dizzy and lightheaded during their conception and throughout the first trimester. This happens because during pregnancy your blood pressure drops and the blood vessels start to dilate. This also makes on top to the list of Unusual Early Pregnancy Symptoms.

You need to pay keen attention to your symptoms. As we mentioned about the varying degrees, this tiredness can be more than just a feeling of feeling low. Severe dizziness, together with vaginal bleeding and/or strange abdominal pain, can also be an early sign of ectopic pregnancy.

Tasting metal, what?

Yes, believe it or not, this happens and accounts for one of the Weird early pregnancy symptoms. We are as surprised as you are, but it is the reality. Pregnancy causes a massive rise in the estrogen and progesterone levels in a woman’s body. The changes in these hormones can lead to changing tastes and choices for different women.

In many cases, the situation worsens and reaches a condition that is called Dysegusia. This is when pregnant women get a taste of metal inside their mouth. While this is unusual, it is not very uncommon. You might start feeling like you were chewing on some old-time pennies alongside your chicken sandwich for breakfast. While this metallic flavour is recurring, you can easily get rid of it by chewing on to sugar gummies, chewing gums or simply some saltines. You should also opt for drinking colder liquids and eating spicier foods in order to do away with the metallic taste.

Turning up the heat levels

Another symptom making to the list of unusual early signs of pregnancy is a rise in body temperature. This fluctuation in body temperature is normal and extremely frequent. You might feel like your mornings start with something known as morning sickness. Your body might feel warm, and your body temperature may elevate slightly every morning post the ovulation process. The important thing here is to know that this change in body temperature will remain in place till you get your next menstrual cycle. This is known as basal body temperature and stays high for around two weeks.

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