Update Features To Know When Installing Windows 10

Upgrading to a new Windows 10 version is nothing new. Users often like the updated versions. They have the convenience to use better features. New systems are already installed with the pro version of Windows 10.


What about the older systems? Not all systems can update. Proper steps also need to be followed. Before you search for windows 10 buy options online, there are a few points to check in advance.


  • You should safely take the backup before installation
  • You may need to get familiar with the minimum systems requirements
  • Do not attempt to upgrade if you are not sure


A few basics that you should know in advance are listed below. It is important to understand if the upgrade is the right option for you or not.


  • Check for compatibility


The first step is the compatibility check. You may not be able to install Windows upgraded version if your system is not compatible. You can always check for compatibility on the official manufacturer website.


If your system is eligible then you will be able to install it. Always ensure you have also collected details related to the rollback features.


  • Creating backup 


Users often fail to create a backup of the original media and other files before upgrading the system. If you want to install Windows 10 Pro then you need to take a backup of the files that are on the system.


Always take a full backup of all media files and other document files in advance. Even if the upgrade fails you may not lose your old files. Select recovery drive to save all valuable data.


  • Check with the disk space


Windows 10 or its pro version may need a lot of empty disk space. Your system should have a minimum of 16 GB of storage left. If you are still using an older system then it may not have sufficient space in the disk.


There are also chances that you might have used up most space on the disk before you consider Windows 10 buy option, check with the space available on the disk. It may not be possible to install the new Windows version on the external drive to install on the system.


  • Always keep the system plugged in


The installation process will take time. If the installation is interrupted then you may have to restart from the very first step. The installation will take some time.


This means that you should always connect the system to the power source. Keep the system plugged into the power and then start the installation process. Do not disconnect power till the process completes.


  • Uninstall antivirus 


It may not be possible to install Windows 10 if you have an antivirus program installed on the system. The program may not allow permission to make changes to the system software.


So before you opt for Windows 10 Pro it is important to completely uninstall the antivirus program. Even if the defender is enabled you may have to disable it.


It is also important to ensure that no program of software is running in the background. Any running program will slow down the installation process. Check with your internet speed as well. Staying connected to WiFi is the best option.

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