Updates which Instagram came up with recently

Instagram is a social networking service owned by Facebook. It gives us a photo and video sharing service which can be edited using various filters and can be organized with several hashtags, tags, and location information. Businesses and brands now consider Instagram as the best social media platform for engagement as it gives several Instagram growth services which ultimately helps in more interaction and growth.

Once you log in you have to make efforts to get the maximum number of Instagram followers. Keeping up with changes in today’s world is challenging as there are updates coming up frequently, so it is important to know about several new features so that you can use them-

● Close friend feature is the one in which you can mark your near and dear ones as a close friend. Once you mark a person as a close friend you will be able to see the person’s post in the latest stories and feeds. It is like putting someone first in the priority list.

● You are now able to share the feeds posts in your stories directly by tapping the share button. You can share the post in your story of any person whose account is open for all.

● In the search option, you will now be able to see several heads like the style, beauty, travel, art, comics, shopping, fitness etc under which you can find the related stuff. It became easy to search for things because of this feature.

● You can now share a particular post from Instagram to other social media platforms linked with it. While you post something on Instagram you can see more options to post on other platforms too.

● There are many new stickers which you can use in your stories that can be anything like polls, question sticker, or sliders.

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