Upgrade Your Garage Lighting Just in Time for Summer Projects

Summer is just around the corner and now is the time that the builders, tinkerers, and DIYers of the world shed their heavy jackets, open the garage door, and spend the entire weekend building. If you’re one of those people, and always ready to dive into a project of some sort, here’s one weekend project you might not have considered: upgrading your garage lighting to LED.

Rotatable_Spotlight With Stake

Here are some of the reasons to upgrade and reconfigure your lighting setup along with some easy-to-install and efficient products to try.

Better Light Means You Can Work Longer

The sun is out longer, but eventually, it has to set. If your workshop is lacking in the lighting department, you’d be amazed at what adding shop lights can do to brighten up even the darkest corners of your shop. No matter the size of your garage, you can find a ceiling light to either replace your existing energy-hogging bulbs or add to your lighting system with easy-to-install products.

In addition to the simple task of lighting up the space, LED lights are not as harsh as fluorescent tubes, and you can say goodbye to the flicker, buzz, hum, and heat of those bulbs too as LEDs run cleanly and provide a consistent light throughout their operating life, without having to warm up. If you didn’t have to deal with the harsh, flickering light in your garage, how much longer could you work? If you’re like most who have converted to LED, you’ll never want to leave your workshop.

More Efficient Lighting Means Lower Energy Costs

Another reason that many DIYers are switching over to LED is because it helps them cut costs. As you’re spending more time in your workshop or garage enjoying the continuous bright light, you’ll also be saving money over the old bulbs you had installed.

The best part is that the more LED lights you have installed throughout the garage, the more that you’ll save on energy costs every month. What would you do with that extra cash? If you’re like most, it means more materials, better tools, and a reinvestment in your passion.

The savings don’t just stop in the garage either. Manufacturers like Hyperikon specialize in producing LED lighting for a variety of commercial and residential applications. For example, their LED spotlight bulbs look great in a recessed lighting setup inside the home, and you can pick up bulbs and tubes in other sizes to outfit your home with brighter, better light that saves on electric costs too.

Protect Your Equipment

Finally, with the new tools you were able to afford with your energy savings, you’ll likely want to protect them from intruders and theft. LED lights can be useful for this as well. It all starts on the exterior of your workshop or garage with outdoor flood lights with additional motion sensor technology. As opposed to your halogen bulb flood lights, LED flood lights provide an instant flood of light as soon as someone or something crosses the sensor’s path. While you should still use a lock to protect your valuables, a high-powered LED flood light is a crucial part of any outdoor security system.

About Hyperikon

Founded in 2010, Hyperikon is an industry-leading manufacturer of LED lighting for a variety of commercial and residential uses. They focus on innovation and sustainability in their products with a superior customer experience to match. It all began with the founders selling LED lights to local businesses, and that focus on helping businesses save money and improve operational efficiency remains to this day. On Hyperikon’s website, you can find an LED bulb for practically any application including their retrofit LED tubes, LED barn lights, LED high bay lights, LED recessed lighting products, and more. Hyperikon is proud to hold numerous U.S. patents, and their products feature over 700 certifications and qualifications.

Shop their entire selection of energy-efficient LED lighting options at Hyperikon.com

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