Upgrade Your Hotel Property with a Hotel Management System

Travel is slowly reaching to the pre-pandemic levels and there are new traveling opportunities for business and leisure travelers. In the coming holiday season, more people than ever are going to travel to the holiday destinations of their choice. On the other hand, with the business picking up, more business travelers are going to need hotels to conduct their business presentations and meetings with their clients.

The question that arises here is, have you prepared your hotel property to handle incoming travelers so you can give these guests a great stay experience. The best way to prepare your property for new guests is by using a hotel software to manage your hotel’s operations as well as the different processes related to room bookings and checking-in guests. A hotel management system is the Swiss knife that you can use to accomplish a wide range of tasks at your hotel property.

While many old properties are still using legacy PMS, the modern hotels have upgraded to a hotel management system that uses high-end technology. Using the cloud as the backend of their hotel operations is the ideal way for hotel owners to be at par with their competition in the market.

Using cloud hotel software comes with a host of advantages, some of them being:

  • Regular updates
  • Works with any modern hardware
  • Offers high-end security
  • Fast and stable
  • Almost no downtime
  • Accessible from any location
  • Short learning curve
  • Easy to access from different devices

A Hotel Management Software Adds Ease to Hotel Operations

Hotel software adds a unique dimension of ease and usability to regular hotel operations. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways in which a hotel management software is the ideal choice for upgrading a hotel property to modern standards.

Power Up Front Desk Processes

The front desk is the first interaction point for the guests and the staff. By automating different front desk processes, staff can save time and energy. By automating check-in, check-out, and more, hotel staff can increase the speed at which guests move through the front desk to their rooms.

When guests are tired after a long journey, they also appreciate that they will reach their room quickly to relax. Guests can use a web-app to check into their room without needing keys. They can also get a personalized stay experience by mentioning their food and drink preferences to the staff. For returning guests, the hotel can offer discounts and rebates for their stay or meal choices.

Multi-Device Access for Housekeeping Team

Whether the housekeeping staff is using a phone, a tablet, or a laptop, they can be connected through the cloud to update their tasks and get new tasks assigned to them. Managers can keep an eye on the teams that have no duties to offer them new instructions for maximum productivity. The team members can update the finished tasks through their mobile devices which gives managers a fair idea of how the team is performing through the day’s tasks.

Another advantage of multi-device access is that managers can keep an eye on several properties at once. Managers don’t need to be physically present at a location to oversee the day’s operations.

A Wide Range of Performance Reports

Finding the right performance reports that give an insight into the hotel’s performance is essential to business success. There are so many things going on in the hotel that covering all the information in a manual way is simply impossible. With hotel software, managers can get reports about sales, occupancy rates, inventory stats, returning guests, and much more. The reports are available in a variety of formats and it is also easy to customize the output of the reports.

A simple examination of these reports can give the managers crucial insights into how the hotel is performing and which areas need improvements. The reports are also available on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis so that managers can check the patterns of hotel’s performance and tweak them to get better profits.

Integration with Different Applications

Modern hotel management system offers a high degree of customization for users. Whether it is integration with OTA (Online Travel Agents) or using payment processing gateways, the third party applications are a great way to supercharge the software. Another benefit of third party applications is that managers can tweak the software to suit their unique workflow and their requirements in the property.


In the long run, cloud software wins over due to its affordability as compared to legacy systems. The software runs on existing hardware and the updates are made available by the service provider. This can save on a range of IT infrastructure and IT personnel costs for the hotel. What’s more, the software is easy to learn and there are virtually no training costs. As the software is designed with the end-user in mind, all functions are simplified and easy to understand.

To Sum Up

If you are managing a hotel in the current business environment, you need every edge over the competition. Whether it is in regards to your hotel’s operations or catering to the needs and requirements of the guests, a software solution can help you achieve all these things with ease.

Still thinking about choosing a cloud based hotel management software? Well, it’s time to make a choice. A cloud PMS will not only help you to upgrade your hotel property, but it will also prepare your hotel property for future changes in the industry.

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