Uric Acid Test: What to Expect, & How It’s Done

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Uric acid testing checks the uric acid in your urine. Sometimes, uric acid also gets measured in the blood. The urine works to remove waste from the body. Naturally, it contains waste products from our bloodstream. Uric acid forms when the body breaks down substances called purines. Some foods, like beer and dried beans, contain purine. There is purine in our cells too. 

After uric acid moves into the bloodstream, the kidneys filter it out from the blood, and it is ready to leave the body with urine. The body needs to keep removing uric acid. If uric acid is not removed from your body, the excess uric acid can form crystals. Too much acid in your system forms these crystals in your joints and causes a medical condition known as gout. Gout is a kind of arthritis affecting the joints in the body. It causes pain and inflammation throughout the affected joints.

Need for the uric acid test

Increased uric acid can cause severe health complications. A uric acid test is vital for diagnosing and treating gout. Another use of uric acid testing is to monitor cancer patients. Chemotherapy and radiation therapies used in treating cancer can increase uric acid levels in the blood. A uric acid test also helps in diagnosing kidney stones. The uric acid test price is reasonable.  Get tested as per your doctor’s advice from a reputed lab. 

Symptoms to get your uric acid levels checked

Gout is a painful condition affecting the joints. One of the best ways to avoid this condition is to recognize the symptoms and get your uric acid checked. You must take a uric acid test when you encounter the following symptoms.

  • Pain and swelling in the joints
  • Red skin around the joints.
  • Warmness around the joint area

You should also take a uric acid test when there is a chance you might be having kidney stones. 

The Uric acid test process

A uric acid test has two methods – through urine or blood. A urine test requires you to store your 24-hour urine samples and hand them over for testing. The blood test will have the same standard procedure as any other blood test. The blood sample is collected in a tube or vial using a needle. 

Prerequisites to the test

There are no restrictions before the test. The sample collection starts 24 hours before the test, and you collect the sample in the provided container. You must follow the instructions provided by the lab professional. 


A high uric acid level can mean you have gout or your diet contains a high amount of purine. Obesity and leukemia are also responsible for higher uric acid levels in the body. Always consult your doctor with your reports to decide the best course of action.  


High uric acid can cause severe health-related problems. Gout is one of the risks of a higher level of uric acid in the body. Always take a uric acid test to be sure.

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