US Becomes The Most Varied & Ground-breaking Energy Storage Market

The year 2018 has been quite big for the US energy market. There have been huge increases in behind-the-meter installations in businesses and residential sectors. At the same time, there were policy uncertainties and supply bottlenecks that restrained larger-scale battery installations. However, after seeing a drop in the first three quarters of 2018 compared to 2017, the utility-scale energy storage installations has again picked-up in 2019.


The Birthplace of Modern Grid Storage


Throughout the 20th century, the U.S. electric power delivery infrastructure served the nation well, delivering affordable & adequate energy to homes and businesses. But the 21st-century economy cannot rely on 20th-century electric grid.

There is an urgent need for major improvements in the power delivery system and those advances in key technology areas can make these improvements a reality. The Modern Grid will set the foundation for a transition that will focus on meeting the six key goals, more reliable, secure, economic, efficient, environment friendly and safer.    


Today, US has become the birthplace of modern grid storage. Nearly, a decade ago, energy storage market kicked things off with a regional opening for batteries to deliver fast frequency regulation. Ever since, the opportunities and ambitions have grown in ground mount solar and solar rooftop sector.


Many states have committed to decarbonize the electricity sector, thus making energy storage as a necessary tool for delivering the goal. Solar developers are looking for economic cases where batteries in the solar plants can make the entire storage more valuable. For instance, electric vehicle adoption would soon swamp all the battery capacity installed for stationary grid use.


Thanks to Decentralized Energy Policy


Storage plus market is backpacking its way across all the burgeoning markets in US that a savvy storage connoisseur needs to be familiar with. The Decentralized energy policy has undeniably made U.S. a laboratory for developing and using energy storage. It is quite clear that the U.S. has built the most diverse mosaic of a national market, discovering and testing more uses for storage technology than any other nations.


Decentralization has facilitated in enhancing innovation, while hindering the rapid adoption of market strictures and policies across state lines. Solar energy for communities is also on the rise, as it’s driven an outsized portion of solar growth.


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