US Canada Border Will Not Open For Tourism Until 75 Percent Of Canadians Are Fully Vaccinated

The government of Canada has said that the US-Canada border will not open for tourism until 75 percent of the people in Canada are fully vaccinated.

The good thing about this news is that majority of Canadians agree with the current government, which is led by Justin Trudeau.

Responses that were received from a new poll suggested that most Canadians are still cautious about reopening the border.

You can check out the Angus Reil Poll by clicking here.

The people that took part in the poll said that they would wait until the government of Justin Trudeau will meet the threshold that they have set.

Most of the respondents of the poll said that they will wait until more than 75 percent of Canadians get vaccinated.

One in 5 of the poll respondents said that they want the borders to open right away.

Canada USA Border

As of now, around 50 percent of Canadians have said that Justin Trudeau has done a pretty good job in handling the coronavirus pandemic, however, around 46 percent have said that he has done a poor job.

Another thing with this is that Canadians are also less worried about getting COVID. Personal concern over becoming ill with the virus has dropped to 47 percent, which is the lowest since June 2020.

The poll was carried out thanks to the opinions of 2040 Canadians.

According to a report from CICNews, the poll was carried out from July 9 to July 13, 2021.

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