Usage Of Maternity Pads After Delivery

Irrespective of whether you had a normal delivery or a Caesarean, maternity pads are indispensable once you deliver the baby. The bleeding that occurs post delivery is termed as lochia, which is usually bright red and often accompanied by clots. During pregnancy, the volume of blood in a woman’s body increases by 30% to 50%. The extra blood that circulates in your body provides nourishment to your growing baby, an also prepares your body for postpartum bleeding. Since pregnancy means no periods for around 10 months, this postpartum bleeding may seem like the heaviest period of your life. Since it lasts for weeks, you have to armed well enough to cope with it, though it flow gradually decreases.

While sanitary pads are quite well-suited to normal periods, the bleeding that occurs after delivery is heavier, so maternity pads are the right pick as they ensure comfort and convenience. They are not only longer but also have a soft texture and are better absorbents. Needless to say, at this stage, hygiene is of utmost importance, and hence, it is always better to go for Friends maternity pads than sanitary pads. The latter are also thicker and wider in dimension, making them suitable for heavy flow. Using sanitary pads post delivery can lead to staining, which is surely something you would want to avoid.

Perhaps not known to many, maternity pads are twice as absorbent as the normal sanitary pads, if not more. Also, maternity pads being softer, will not lead to rashes, itching, or infections. If you go for sanitary pads, you will not only risk staining but also would also not be comfortable enough, when it comes to the vaginal stitches. It is also not advisable to use tampons during this period, as that might cause infections. After a few months of delivery, once your normal periods resume, you can switch back to tampons.

As far as bladder or bowel incontinence is concerned, many products in the market can help you feel more comfortable and more confident. You can take your pick from various types, sizes and absorbencies of incontinence products for women according to your needs. Designed to be as discreet as possible, they will keep you dry without the bulky feeling. Check out Friends insert pads for the best experience minus the pocket pinch!

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