USCIS Certified Translations: What Are They?

An article provides some do-it-yourself information for creating USCIS-certified translations and links to professional USCIS Certified translation services New Jersey and Video Remote Translation services New Jersey.

Does USCIS require a certified translation?

Your USCIS application or petition must also include certified English translations of any foreign language documents. Translations are require for birth certificates, death certificates, passports, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and academic transcripts. In addition, a certifie translation of any foreign language document supporting your USCIS application is require in USCIS Certifie translation services.

When a translation is not provide, the filing may be reject, or a Request for Evidence will be issued, resulting in a delay.

You or a family member can generally do the translation of your documents if you are proficient in both languages. (The ultimate decision rests with the USCIS officer.) However, a professional translation service knowledgeable about USCIS formatting and expectations is recommend. Using a third party also eliminates conflicts of interest.

A format for USCIS-certified translations

When translating, translators must certify their competence and accuracy. Certifications contain the certifiers’ names, signatures, addresses, and dates.

Translate your document professionally

USCIS will accept certified translations prepared by Silver Bay Translations, a professional translation service. Expert Translators at, provides quality and professional translation services. When their experts certify your translation, you will be confidence that it done correctly.

If USCIS rejects your translated documents, what should you do?

USCIS is very strict regarding English translations of foreign language documents. A Request will address such an issue for Evidence (RFE). For the following cases, an RFE may be issue:

•             Translation containing inaccuracies,

A document that does not appear to be authentic,

The translator’s identity is unknown

The translator does not appear to be acceptable, or

It is unacceptable for the translator to certify

A response to an RFE, in addition to delaying the application process, can result in a denial if, any reason, it is not receive in time.

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