Use Configurator Solutions & Boost Sales by 168%

If there was a way to boost your annual sales by 168%, you’d obviously go for it.

How about increasing the deal size by 105%, conversion rates by 40%, and sales cycle pace by 38%? It turns out you can (at least, on average) secure these figures by the automation of your configure price quote process with a visual configurator solution. It’s also not particularly costly.

In this one, we’ll break down how a robust configure price quote tool works and also how you can enhance the benefits for your organization.

Why configure price quote solutions use visual configurator

Do you sell configurable products? Do you also have a huge product catalog with hundreds or thousands of options? Do your sales reps struggle to configure products with so much choice at their disposal? If so, then you require a visual configurator.

A visual configurator is a tool that sales reps or customers can use to pick out ideal product options for every customer. It contains product rules – code programmed into the back-end – ensuring every configuration is perfectly optimized for customer satisfaction and engineering efficiency.

A visual configurator takes out configuration errors, turns new recruits into product experts, and also cuts down on the back and forth between sales and engineering.

Basic product visualization solutions have text-based product configurators. Users input data about their needs, and the configurator then spits out a configuration. It’s a “black box” and therefore, far from ideal. Nobody knows why the configurator has chosen that specific configuration. And does a customer feel invested in the overall configuration process? Surely not.

The best product configurators are visual. Rather than blindly entering data, users get to interact with 3D visual renderings of products on-screen. They can drag and drop to change the colors, dimensions, accessories, materials, as well as other attributes, watching as their product gets on-screen, spinning it around to look at it in lifelike detail.

For manufacturers, having visual product configuration capabilities is a game-changer. They’re able to design computer-generated 3D renderings of thousands of product options and then show them to customers without needing to manufacture them first. Looking to add a new color to your product range? Or also a new fabric? Don’t make your buyer imagine what it might look like – show them.

Why Visual Selling Increase Conversion Rates and Deal Sizes?

Buying expansive items is stressful, especially when you’re working from product descriptions or even basic images. But when buyers see what these products look like, they feel increasingly confident about their purchase decisions.

With 3D visuals, buyers easily explain all their product choices to their colleagues and also feel safe by knowing that they won’t get a shock when their finished product arrives at the warehouse.

Manufacturers who wish to take selling visuals to the next level can also add Augmented and Virtual Reality to their visual product configurators. With these technologies, they can provide fully immersive experiences that keep buyers engaged.

The more visually stimulating your sales process becomes, the better. Here’s why:

  • 65% of people are visual learners.
  • The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Buyers retain more information when it’s visual. If you want to keep your brand at the forefront of buyers’ minds, hit them with a highly visual experience.

Digital self-service – the future.

B2B buyers today are different from the ones from a decade. In the past, they valued a close relationship with the sales rep. Today, they look to self-serve. The modern buyer also wants flexibility, convenience, as well as the ownership of sales processes, buying what they want, when they want, from wherever they want.

With a robust visual configure price quote solution like KBMax, sellers get to embed their visual product configurator into their website. Visitors can also configure highly technical products independently through their desktop or mobile device. Product rules ensure that every configuration is optimized and free of error, irrespective of users’ experience with the product.

AI plays the role of the sales rep.

With a visual product configurator playing such an important role, it can be easy to lose some of that essential salesmanship that streamlines the sales process and pushes for bigger deals. “Guided selling” – a feature of the best configure price quote software – does this job.

Guided selling makes use of AI to guide buyers seamlessly through steps on the path to making a purchase. It also learns what customers want and the prices they’re prepared to pay, making recommendations to maximize margins and deal sizes.

CAD and design automation saves ETO manufacturers time and money

Automation of your configure price quote process boosts your sales cycle, moving more customers through your sales pipeline more quickly. But engineer-to-order manufacturers can’t be just satisfied because failure to streamline downstream processes only causes further delays.

With a 3D product visualizer, it’s different. Firstly, product rules ensure that all the configurations are valid and never need to be rejected by engineers. Secondly, a configure price quote solution like KBMax features CAD automation, which generates CAD files and other technical drawings as well. All the engineers need to do is click to sign off on drawings and get back to innovative work.

KBMax can generate multiple documents and files from BOMs to CNC cut sheets as well as detailed assembly guidance. Manufacturers can make use of KBMax to reduce sales-manufacturing complexity and then get products to customers’ hands much faster than their competitors can.


A robust configure price quote solution doesn’t just stop at sales; it automates every single step in the engineer-to-order process. Every step – visual configuration, guided selling, dynamic pricing, instant quoting, CAD automation – all come together to achieve 168% increased sales that KBMax’s 10,000+ customers gain on a simple average.

Are you thinking of implementing a CPQ solution in your business? With such a broad range of functionality and highly impressive results, KBMax is a no-brainer for any company that sells configurable products.

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