Use Paraffin Wax to Treat Muscle Pain

Paraffin treatments are common in spas and beauty salons but you are able to get the identical benefits by performing it oneself at home to get a fraction on the expense. Paraffin therapies help relieve the pain and stiffness about joints by reducing excess fluid from the surrounding tissue. It really is used to treat tennis elbow, arthritis, bursitis, and sports injuries. It really is also very good for skin troubles like eczema, psoriasis and dry skin. Get far more details about หม้อพาราฟิน

You could acquire paraffin at health food retailers. You are able to purchase paraffin kits that involve both the paraffin along with the warmer used to melt the paraffin. You will find unique grades of paraffin for unique uses. Ensure that the paraffin you purchase is for personal spa use. Location the paraffin, about 4 pounds is recommended, within the warmer and set the temperature to “low” or “melt” depending on the type of warmer you’ve bought. You may also melt the paraffin using a double broiler in your stove top or by using a big crock pot. Should you do it this way it really is crucial to stir the paraffin frequently. Paraffin expands because it warms so make sure to melt it inside a pot that allows for the expansion. When the temperature reaches about 125 degrees your paraffin is prepared to be used. It is possible to use a candy thermometer to test the temperature. It really is very important that the temperature just isn’t above 130 or the paraffin can burn your skin. At this point you’ll be able to also add your favourite essential oils and mix it nicely.

Prior to you begin wash the location you wish to treat and dry it properly. This will maintain the paraffin clean so it might be reused. Rub a thin layer of unscented moisturizer more than the area to become treated. This can make the paraffin easier to eliminate later. Dip the location (hands, feet, or pour a modest amount of the paraffin on the location you’re treating (neck, back, and so on). You’ll be able to add a number of coats on the paraffin by either dipping the region inside the wax or by pouring additional around the impacted area. Adding further coats will keep the wax warm for any longer period of time which will give your skin and muscles a lot more relief. Preserve the coated location as still as possible so the wax wont crack.

In case you treated your hands of feet gently put them inside a plastic bag. For those who treated a bigger area you could cover it with plastic wrap. Wrap a towel about the plastic bag or lay it on the plastic wrap. This will likely assistance hold in the heat. Maintain the wax on for 15 to 20 minutes or till it cools. As soon as the wax cools, peel the wax off the skin. You can apply a fantastic moisturizer to assist lock within the moisture.

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