Useful Email Marketing Hacks for 2023

Useful Email Marketing Hacks for 2023

Email marketing continues to be at the heart of business marketing strategies, with 89% of marketers claiming it is their primary strategy. To reap the benefits of email marketing for your business in 2023, you must stay up to date on the latest trends, predictions and must join for Digital Marketing Training.

Email marketing is a low-cost, high-return strategy for nurturing new leads. Here are a few tips to ensure your campaign is as effective as possible.


  • A/B testing is required (Split Testing)


A small percentage of the recipients receive two variations of the same campaign. It reveals which one performs the best in terms of clicks and opens. Subject lines, layout, body, CTA language, button colour, and images should all be tested. Preview text, email copy, from the line, and preview text are also important elements.


  • Trigger Emails are sent (Transactional and Behavioural emails)


They are automatically sent out when a person exhibits a pre-defined behaviour. Trigger emails are sent immediately after a potential customer takes an action. They outperform traditional bulk messages by 70.5% and 152%, respectively. So, after purchase or sign-up, send a reminder email, a welcome onboard email, or a review request email.


  • Using Emojis


Emojis in a tweet can boost engagement by 25.4%, and emojis in a Facebook post can boost ‘likes’ by 57% and ‘comments’ and shares by 33%. They are more than just amusing drawings. According to Campaign Monitor reports, brands that have used them have seen a 56% increase in open rates. Use emojis to make your content, such as subject lines, more appealing and captivating. For example, it may prompt your audience to respond urgently to a teary-eyed emoji rather than a smiley face out of sympathy.


  • Make use of HTML in your emails.


Over the last 40 years, email has come a long way. We can now do a lot of interesting things with emails thanks to HTML. Putting aside the plain text vs. HTML email debate for a moment, HTML emails are superior in many situations.

When using HTML emails, use every trick you can to increase conversions. Keeping your target audience at the forefront of your email marketing campaigns will help you deliver successful emails. You can learn more about the HTML at any Digital Marketing Institute.

  • Use Buttons


Buttons aren’t just for landing pages. Email marketers can get a great benefit by using buttons.

  • Keep your Subscribers in Mind.


When considering 2023 email trends, keep your subscribers in mind. You’re sending emails to get people to interact with your company, so you should always consider what will provide the best experience for your subscribers. You may discover that adding an interactive element improves your email content, or that changing the colour of a button improves the user experience.


Keeping up with email marketing trends for 2023 is critical for keeping your email marketing strategy current and effective.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with these trends, turn to the experts at Digital Marketing Training for help.

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