Useful Tips and Facts Related To Logging in WordPress Websites


One very common that first tine CMS users face in terms of WordPress is “how to login to WordPress”. Often, people find it really hard to find “login URL” and also how to get into “admin dashboard”. According to the experts of  WordPress development company India experts, this is not a rocket science at all, but for making it simple, it’s important to first understand how “admin dashboard” works. One more very important thing to learn is the basics of accessing a “self-hosted website”. Once you are aware of this, it will become very easy for you to customise the website, publish new posts and also, manage users there. Here in this article, we have covered this topic and discuss how to login to WordPress, how to find your WordPress login URL, how to customize it, and more.

An Introduction to the WordPress Login Page

Since, we are discussing the issues related to logging into open-source CMS, i.e. also known as “self-hosted WordPress”, it is expected that no one confuses it with As far as logging in is concerned, expert WordPress developers India say that it is very easy because you will simply have to click on the “Log In” button in the top right corner of the platform’s home page.

This will take you to the “control panel” and from there, you will get a route to “admin panel” by logging into the dashboard as well. Apart from this, there is another alternative that involves visiting “”.

However, the scenario is totally different in “self-hosted WordPress site” and you will enjoy better flexibility in terms of customising the “admin dashboard” as well as the “login page”.

On the “dashboard” page, WordPress developers India say that you can carry out all the necessary steps like personalisation as well as running your website. Apart from this, this area can also be used for actions such as creating and publishing content, adding and editing themes, and installing plugins. As soon as you get access to administrator rights on the WordPress website, you can also add new users and give them their own “login” information.

How to Find Your WordPress Login URL?

According to WordPress developers India, to log-in into the WordPress, you will first have to know which URL to use. In the majority of cases, the WordPress website’s login URL comes with one of the following –

  • /login
  • /admin
  • /wp-login.php
  • /wp-admin

This means that suppose your website’s domain name is, in that case, the login page URL might be, but as said above, this may not be the case always. Finding the “WordPress login URL” is also possible through your hosting provider because as you set a hosting account and install WordPress, you will receive an email with the entire details related to logging in. The good thing regarding these hosting providers is that most of them let you access the dashboard as well as the login page from the account control panel itself.


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