User friendly Healthcare IT solutions for the Hospitals and Patients

Healthcare IT is the fastest growing industry in the world. It is highly essential for any hospital or a clinic to have the information of the patients readily available. This information should be in an accessible mode to refer, analyze and also share. Integrity IT provides excellent IT related services to facilitate the same.

Healthcare IT and Integrity IT – A perfect combination

The purpose of healthcare IT Lexington KY is to provide excellent care to the patients. Integrity IT helps to improve the quality of healthcare and also supports in safety of the patient. The errors in the medical field can be massively reduced and this company plays a vital part in it.

Healthcare IT solutions – Types

The types of solutions and reports offered by healthcare IT Lexington KY

Electronic Health records (EHR)

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

The above 2 information helps store patients’

Health information

Test Results

Drug intake proportion

Doctor Visits

Types of Treatments


Master Patient Index (MPI): Helps in reducing duplicate patient reports

Remote Patient Monitoring: Medical sensors work in an excellent fashion to identify test results remotely.

Comprehensive support from the Experts

The experts and licensed clinical professionals work on the solutions to offer applications which are user friendly. The team constantly works on upgradation and the best in the industry Application Updates Lexington KY is facilitated by Integrity IT. Apart from this, the clearly communicated training and support enhances the usage of any healthcare application in the premises.

Integrity IT provides 360-degree support in taking well informed decisions about the patients. The data which is collected and stored gives analytical as well as statistical information to make it more infographic. This helps the doctors to take quick decisions too.

Gone are the days where doctors prefer patient’s memory to remember their health record. This will disastrously increase inaccuracy in the treatment offered. It is advised to hold complete facts before prescribing any medicines too. The Application Updates Lexington KY also supports with current trend comparison of treatments offered elsewhere.

The traditional practice of patients meeting the doctors face to face to cure themselves still exists. Integrity IT offers an enhanced support of remotely consulting through video conferencing or through phone and this data is also stored for future reference.

Patients have the liberty to compare the treatment costs from various hospitals in various countries. The remote patient monitoring system facilitates the move to approach a clinician in the other part of the world too.

Integrity IT cares the most for the information security. The data stored for the patients are highly secured and the threat for leakages or failures have never been a thought. The entire burden of all the information security is taken care top to bottom.

The benefits of Healthcare IT solutions by Integrity IT

Population health management happens in a big scale and reduce the cause of frequently causing sickness among the people.

Tailored medical prescription customized for every individual patient.

The data can be shard which in turn can help in discovering new medical therapies

The patients can view their medical records without any limitation


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