Uses and Applications of Different High Temperature Fabrics

The article describes the many different kinds of high temperature fabrics. It shares the unique features of high temperature fabrics by RNG Performance Materials. It also lists out different applications for which these fabrics prove extremely useful in the industry.

Since the temperatures in the core industries are relatively high, natural fabrics fail to withstand these conditions. The workers working in these industries need to be provided with proper protection and safety gear. This is what has been responsible for the development of technologically advanced fabrics. Here we have listed out some of the top high temperature fabrics that are capable of withstanding high temperature conditions.

Fibreglass Fabrics
Fibreglass fabrics are made from the e-glass yarn. They can withstand temperature upto 5500C-6000C. They have high strength to weight ratio. The heat resistance of these fabrics is also high. These fabrics are flexible, non-hazardous and strong making them ideal for several industrial applications.

Silicone Coated Fibreglass Fabrics
Commonly used for insulation purposes, the silicone coated fibreglass fabrics are soft and possess high strength and flexibility. These fabrics can withstand a constant temperature of upto 2500C and a maximum temperature of 5500C. These fabrics are oil and water resistant. They do not permit oxygen to pass through them making them fireproof materials. These materials are available in shiny finish as well as matt finish.

Aluminized Fabrics
A PES film is laminated onto E-glass fibreglass fabrics or Para Aramid Kevlar Fabric to create aluminized fabrics. These fabrics have high thermal reflectivity. They are also highly resistant to oil, water and chemicals. These fabrics reflect upto 90% of the radiant heat. They can provide constant protection upto 5500C and can endure a maximum temperature of upto 16500C.

High Silica Fabrics
High silica fabric is an extremely useful fabric in engineering and other industries. These fabrics can endure a maximum temperature of upto 16000C. The beauty of these fabrics is that they stay flexible even at very high temperatures. These fabrics have low electrical conductivity and low thermal shrinkage.

The unique properties of these high temperature fabrics make them an ideal choice for a wide range of industries. These fabrics maybe used in foundries, power plants, boilers, welding industry, chemical industry and many other core engineering works for providing insulation and protection. This is the reason why these fabrics are greatly in demand.

RNG Performance Materials is a reputed name in the world of fire and industrial safety products. The company offers a wide range of high temperature fabrics and these have also been tested for fire safety properties. The company also manufactures some thermal insulation assemblies for industrial use made from these high temperature fabrics.

The author of this article often writes articles on different fire safety products and industrial safety materials. In this post he shares views regarding different high temperature fabrics by RNG Performance Materials and their qualities. The article helps the readers understand how these modern and technologically advanced materials provide safety in the core industries.

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