Uses And Specification Of Pure Copper Earthing Electrode

What is Pure Copper Earthing Electrode? 

Pure Copper Earthing Electrode is made of Electrolytic Copper that is 99.9% pure. It has an excellent corrosion resistance. When more conductivity and corrosion resistance are needed, it is utilised. Pure Copper Earthing Electrodes are intended to properly safeguard electrical and electronic equipment. This leak-proof electrode has excellent conductivity and protection. 


Pure Copper Earthing Electrode Manufacturers

Veraizen Earthing are the leading Pure Copper Earthing Electrode Manufacturers and Supplier in India.  We have a wide selection of Pure Copper Earthing Electrodes that are designed to keep electrical and electronic gear safe. They are useful in applications where the soil is particularly abrasive, such as soil with a high salt and moisture content.  We modify this product to satisfy the requirements of our customers. 


  • Pipe Dia(mm) – 14.2, 17.2
  • Inner Strip Dia(mm) – 25×3.
  • Length(mm) – 1000, 2000 & 3000
  • Terminal – 35×6, 50×6.

Pure Copper Electrode Uses

Pure Copper Earthing Electrode are widely used all over the world in different industries. Here are some uses of Pure Copper Electrode

  • For joining and build-up on Copper components that need corrosion resistance, thermal and/or electrical conductivity.
  • Pure copper electrode for joining and build-up.
  • Smooth arc characteristics allow easy joining of copper.
  • Weld metal is extremely dense.
  • High purity of weld metal allows for joining dissimilar grades of copper.


Pure Copper Earthing Electrode Suppliers

To satisfy the demands of our clients, we provide this Pure Copper Earthing Electrode Suppliers in a wide range of specifications. Our team of skilled professionals works closely with our valued clients to learn about their preferences and interests. We have 50 upc pure copper earthing electrode, 48 upc pure copper earthing electrode, and 80 upc pure copper earthing electrode in stock.

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