Uses of Dongchengmagnetic drill

The magnetic drill is a portable device fitted with a cutting tool attachment. The device comes with a reversible motor and variable speed control to perform tapping. The magnetic drill ideally fits both onsite and offsite jobs. You can drill holes and do onsite repair or construction on structural steel or all kind of metal.


The portable drill is the most popular and versatile choice to handle all kinds of jobs. When you need to make holes and are not able to take the machine to work, a portable magnetic drill is a great tool to ease your work. With so many magnetic drills and applications available on the net or in the market, choose the advanced technology drill of the Dongcheng brandIt has a large drilling capacity. It provides fast and smooth feeds throughout the cut, even in deep-hole drilling. Variable speed increases tool life and works well that requires higher RPMs than a standard annual cutter.


If your job requires repetitive holes, consider power feed drills and consistent hole making with less operator fatigue pick none other than Dongcheng magnetic drill. It is the magnetic drill used in any position, vertical, horizontal, or overhead. Whenever you use the machine make sure you have a clean, flat, and smooth work surface. Make sure the bottom of the magnet is also clean. If the surface is heavily rusted or covered with paint or epoxy, the drill cannot work.


A mag drill is good for working in a variety of different positions. Its versatility makes it different. Setting up the job is the same no matter which type of magnetic drill you use. Dongcheng offers the use of coolant as a good cutting tool for drill performance. Many magnetic drills are equipped with a gravity-feed coolant system, while others have arbors with internal coolant. If the drill does not feature a through-the-coolant system, you should never adjust the squirt coolant on the cutter because it will just spin off drilling.


The stable working position makes it a special and unique tool. If you don’t value fast tool change more than extended tool life, go with the power of Dongcheng. We at our store Perfect Engineers have an extensive range of mag drills suitable for different applicationsIf you are not sure which machine goes best, our executives are there for you to choose the best one.


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