Uses of Gate Valves, and the Best Valve Supplier

In this Blog, we will explore the uses of Gate Valves. We will also see the best Gate Valve Supplier.

Gate Valves – Meaning:

A gate valve opens by lifting a gate out of the fluid’s path. Because the sealing surfaces between the gate and seats of a gate valve are planar, gate valves are frequently used when a straight-line flow of fluid with minimal restriction is desired.

Gate valves are typically classified as either parallel or wedge-shaped. Gate valves are typically designed to be fully opened or closed. Unless specifically designed for the purpose, gate valves should never be used to regulate flow.

Gate valves are classified as having a rising or non rising stem. Rising stems indicate the position of the valve. A pointer threaded onto the upper end of a non rising stem valve may be used to indicate valve position. Non-rising stems are frequently used underground or in situations where vertical space is limited.

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Gate Valves – Method of Operation:

A gate valve works in the same way that other valves do. Turn the handwheel to open the valve, which moves the gate up or down on the stem via the threads. To fully open or close a gate valve, more than one 360° turn is required. When the gate is raised, the inlet and outlet are unobstructed, allowing the media to flow freely. When the gate is lowered, it closes and stops the flow of media.

For a gate valve, the relationship between the vertical travel of the gate and the flow rate is nonlinear, with the greatest changes occurring near complete closure. When used to regulate flow, the relatively high velocity of the flow at partial opening causes gate and seat wear, which, combined with potential gate vibrations, reduces the valve’s service life. As a result, a gate valve should be used only for on/off control.

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Applications of Gate Valves:

Gate valves are used in many industrial applications, including:

  • gate valve commonly used in the Oil and gas industry. Gate Valves employ a gate system to completely open or close a pipeline. If the flow rate needs to be controlled and maintained, this is an excellent option. When the actuator fully opens the valve, the channel becomes clear, allowing even slurry fluids like crude oil to flow more easily.
  • Knife gate valves are widely used in the mining, power, paper, chemical, and food industries. Because of the linear movement of the shut-off damper, they are very compact (plate that blocks the flow of fluid in the closed position). The knife gate valve is primarily a shut-off valve, but it can also be used as a control valve when the shutter is partially open.
  • Knife gate valves are also suitable for fluids containing solid particles, such as waste water or sludge. The knife gate valve is typically designed to be sealed on the upstream side of the circuit (on the fluid inlet side), but some valves are sealed on both sides, allowing them to be used regardless of fluid flow direction. The head loss is very low in the open position because the valve does not cause a change in fluid direction.However, the closing and opening times can be very long, and regular maintenance should be considered to correct wear problems between the shutter and sealing elements.
  • Gate valves are perfect for irrigation systems where high flow rates are required. Gate valves are slow closing as it takes several revolutions to open or close the gate, therefore flow is started and stopped slower than ball valves. Gate valves are extremely common in Irrigation applications because the speed of closing is not as essential as strength to support a high flow rate.

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