Uses of High Purity Solvents

High purity solvents are organic chemicals that are synthetically distilled, having broad-based applications in the industrial sector. The solvents are essential for bringing about improvements in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industrial sector. High purity solvents are also needed in the manufacture of specific commercial products such as perfume. Some other uses of high purity solvents include in the field of dry cleaning, as nail polish removers, and as paint thinners. The solvents are readily available in the commercial market, albeit with different purity grades, to meet additional analysis requirements. High purity solvents are accepted and preferred by the other industries keeping in mind various factors like cost and availability.


The high purity solvents are generally more than 99% pure and the level of other impurities, as mentioned on the label, are on the lower side.

UV Cut-off

No solvent is 100% transparent over a full UV-visible range of wavelengths. The majority of the high-grade solvents, that have high purity, exhibit transparency for a highly limited range of wavelength. It is highly preferable that the selected solvent must have a low UV-cut off wavelength.


The bulk of the solvents remain stable in sealed bottles, although some solvents have limited shelf life. However, the high purity solvents stay stable and have a higher shelf life than those with a lower purity factor.

Forecast for the market of High Purity Solvents

The market for high purity solvents in expected to grow exponentially in the next 5 to 6 years. The increasing use of high purity solvents in the manufacture of lab consumables in the life science industry is the main driving force for high purity solvents. There is also a demand for high purity solvents in the perfume industry, leading to its sustained growth over the next few years. There are many grades of high purity solvents. As per the latest market reports, the HPLC grade is much in demand as it has usage in laboratories engaged in the production of medicinal products.

The high purity solvents have many applications and based on that, the market is segmented into chemical laboratories, cosmetics, agriculture, electronics, biotechnology et al. The high purity solvents are much in demand in the perfume industry today. It is important to note that high impurities in the solvent can severely damage the manufacturing process and even lead to losses in the perfume industry’s production. All this can be avoided when the industry switches to high purity solvents as it meets the highest requirements of the perfume industry. A similar demand exists in the pharmaceutical industry, too, as the solvents’ high purity allows for efficient control in the synthesis steps. Hence the purity of the solvents is of utmost importance in the pharmaceutical industry.

The cosmetics industry cannot ignore the importance of high purity solvents as it is needed in the production of nail polish removers. So it is evident from the above discussion that the importance of high purity solvents is not misplaced, and its demand will only grow in the coming years.

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