Using Stardock Curtains to Get Custom Themes on Windows 10

Themes are the graphical appearances used to change the display and feel of any device you want. Not only this, but themes are also used to give your device a personalized touch as they are customizable.

In case you want to give your Windows 10 a personalized touch, you can always opt for using Stardock Curtains. It is a paid software that helps you change the appearance of Windows including the borders, themes, taskbar, etc. Stardock Curtains also enables you to switch between default light and dark modes, but only works with the apps that support the feature. One great thing about using this software is that you can install any theme as per your convenience and taste to set as your Windows display.

An advantage of using Stardock Curtains is that it offers you a 30-day free trial before investing in it. Stardock Curtains also provides you with an Object Desktop Suite that helps you organize the icons on your desktop. Thus, you can sign-up for a trial and explore the software before making up your mind.

Using Stardock Curtains to Get Custom Themes on Windows 10

How to put Stardock Curtains to use?

Using Stardock Curtains is an authentic way to give a new feel to your desktop in case, you’re done with the old dull look. Different desktops come with varying theme wallpapers such as Windows XP has a wallpaper presenting green hills. Similarly, classic Mac maintains its monochrome style. Therefore, another feature of Curtains is that it can make your Windows look like Windows XP, macOS, and much more.

To put Stardock Curtains to use, all you need to do is download and launch the same from Stardock’s website. The software comes handy with many standard Windows apps such as Chrome. Also, it is easy to use, i.e. user friendly and can be purchased any time after starting a free trial.

Curtains or WindowBlinds?

Another product sold by Stardock is known as WindowBlinds. Sure, there is a difference between the two such as Curtains does not offer you to change places for the title bar buttons while WindowBlinds does. Also, re-skinning of the scroll bars is not possible with Curtains, unlike WindowBlinds.

WindowBlinds, on the other hand, can display a complex version of themes along with re-arranging the title button and some other functions.

Now you know the features offered by both Curtains and WindowBlinds, you can opt for the best out of the two, or both. To switch from one to another, open the software and select a theme, and it’ll unload the other software.

SOURCE:- Using Stardock Curtains to Get Custom Themes on Windows 10

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