Using The Safest Hair Color Brand In India

There has always been a quest amongst consumers in India to chance upon the safest hair color brand in the country. This quest has been driven by several misadventures faced by people in the past. Many hair color products have been seen to damage hair without nourishing it or lending it good shine and bounce of its own. At the same time, along with risks of hair damage, many hair color products do not work conveniently in terms of providing a natural-esque tinge to your hair. Many of them are not easy to apply and require immense hand-holding and time investment. In this context, Vasmol can definitely be called the safest hair color for grey hair. The Super 33 Kesh Kala product has had a market presence for six decades and counting, being one of India’s most reliable and trusted products.

Vasmol gives you the safest hair color to use across categories and you can take your pick from a wide range of oil based coloring solutions. The best part is that these products do not contain any ammonia and peroxide and do not require any mixing as well. As a result, while being convenient to use and apply, they keep the safety aspect strongly intact. They are also nourished with the goodness and properties of healing oils including almond, walnut, olive and the like. You can now color your hair while nourishing it at the same time! This has been made possible by Vasmol’s extensive hair care lineup. The products make use of atmospheric oxygen for naturally coloring hair. Along with the safety aspect, you get a more natural look and feel for your hair in terms of the color that you are applying onto it.

Vasmol is owned by leading hair color and oil manufacturer Hygienic Research Institute which also owns brands like Streax. Surakshit Kaale Mere Baal is one of the most iconic advertising campaigns in India and came from Vasmol itself. Some of the pioneering products of the brand include Ayurprash Shampoo Hair Color, Henna, Advanced Crème, Super Vasmol Amla Shanti, Jasmine Premium Hair Oil, Rootz Almond Hair Oil and Yogiraj Ayurvedic Thanda Tel among many others. The brand itself was founded in the year 1950.

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